Friday, 29 May 2009

29/05/2009 - Just to clarify

I often complain to people about my cat taking up half the bed. They wonder how something so small can do that.

This is how.

She is a long cat.

I tried to take a picture with my leg in it so you can get a sense of perspective. It's a bit blurry, but here goes:

She is longer than my shin. I'm not tall...but this is quite embarrassing actually.

She needs as much room as I do in our bed. Paul needs room too.

Maybe I should sleep in the spare room...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

21/05/2009 - It's Raining

I like the idea of adding pictures to my blog...even if they have no relevance. So here is one! It just came up on my 'my Pictures' screensaver so I felt the need to share it with the world. Even more than it already is. As I believe this picture was taken of the back of a lavatory cubicle door in The Brookhouse on Smithdown Road.

Classy. Poor Helen Jones. I think she's just misunderstood.

I just got soaked on the way in to work.
I fully intended on taking a photo of the lake that has decided to become a feature on Tithebarn Street, opposite the lamb banana, but quite frankly it was too rainy.

May blog again later. If there is something to write about.

So I didn't feel it necessary to wear waterproofs (pl?!) on my way in to work on a Thursday morning in May (it shouldn't be necessary) but I did learn that I make a wicked cup of tea.


Ok, I knew that already.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

20/05/2009 - My first blog post! Yippee!

This is the first blog post ever and I don't know what I am doing! So it will be a shambles but hey, it's all good fun and another way of filling boring hours in the office!

So I thought I would put a picture of a cat 'roffling' that's always good for the craic!

Will be more interesting soon. Promise!