Tuesday, 16 June 2009

16/06/2009 - My Boss's strange obsession...

So my boss has a strange obsession. I have known him many years, a few of them before I worked for him. Yet I had no idea that he had a crazy hobby...

Yes, my boss collects toilet rolls. And wraps them in red post office elastic bands.

Why? No idea. Is he hoarding incase rationing comes back? Is it the currency of the future? Planning on bargaining them for cigarettes or chocolate? Not a clue. But they took over our last office which was much bigger. I thought when we moved into a tiny office we were free. And we were. Until the beginning of this year. Now it's gone mad again!

Maybe he only collected 2, and they have reproduced and spawned clones.

I will keep you posted as to whether the collection expands.

Oh oh oh! Found some more!

This is a drawer in one of the filing cabinets. It is the stationary drawer. Not any more!! It's got white binbags full of toilet rolls in!

Total toilet roll count: 103!!

It's not like we even need to supply them here. They never lessen in number...only grow.

All suggestions as to why he collects them will be gratefully received!

Friday, 12 June 2009

12/06/2009 - Not good...

It's always nice to sit in a courtyard, or beer garden when the sun is out.

Sit with a good friend...have a beverage...people watch...admire the scenery...

Apart from when the scenery is this:

That is a dead mouse under the chair of two ladies enjoying a light lunch.

I don't think they knew he was there.

He got promptly removed when the staff were told...but only after the two ladies had gone. We didn't even see him move it! Stealthy vermin removal.

Kudos to him!