Friday, 3 July 2009

03/07/2009 - Day Three... three of the massive tablet challenge. I'm doing good! Although the main side effect I am feeling is the need to go out and buy pretty things! Lots of clothes! I can live with that!
I'm a little jittery, but dealing with it ok. Only 4 more days to go! Then 2 months, 3 weeks of antibiotics left!
At least tomorrow the dose of steroid is halving. So sadly the tablet art will not be as interesting. I'll try, though!

There is a theme to today's art:

Face with bunches in hair (as if you couldn't tell...)

Face with bowtie and fez...clearly...

OK, I admit. I have no idea what this is. Girl in lipstick sticking her tongue out? Smoking a cigarette? (Which is bad, kids)

Can you tell I'm a little bored today?

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