Thursday, 2 July 2009

02/07/2009 - Day Two...

Day two of nasty tablets.

No suicidal feelings as yet. Which is nice. Jitters, yes, but not so many I want to do bad things.

So here is today's art:

Nothing particularly interesting. I'm feeling unoriginal. I'm sorry. I'll try and be more creative tomorrow. I promise.

I have got myself a treat to make it all better:

Apparently they are the only ones who have the answer! Although I do not like the container. Where has the tube gone? Where have the coloured caps with the letter on it gone? All we get is this:

I mean, what is that?! And a crappy question. What D is Shrek's best friend? Who gives a crap?


Bad mood. I blame the pills. Is that right, smarties? They say yes.

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