Sunday, 10 June 2012

4th June 2012

Bank Holiday Monday! Yay!

I procrastinated a lot this morning. Ironing to do and no desire to do it! But I did. I had to. It wasn't going to do itself!

Paul had cuddles with Barney, which is no new thing, but just looked extra cute!

Ok, so Barney doesn't look particularly happy here. I can assure you that he was, and was just enjoying the scratches behind the ears! Also BELLY DOT!

We then toddled over to Manchester to meet up with Paul's friends for a few drinks and a catch up. Ended up staying there over night as we were just having too much watching the Queen's Jubilee Concert in the pub!

I don't remember taking this picture. I can't even describe it as arty. However that's the table that held our drinks. Which is nice!

3rd June 2012

Sunday. The start of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. How did they honour her? A load of boats floating down the Thames. Lovely!

How did we celebrate it? We sorted out loads of crap we seem to have accumulated recently. Paul did some shredding while I sorted other stuff. Very satisfying!

We had some very lazy cats today! Barney read some Men's Health with Paul which was nice.

Barney is clearly learning a lot!

I just look at the pictures. Can you blame me?

Yes, I only look at it for the articles. Honest.

Maia made herself a cave on the spare futon, under towels and stray ironing. Very cute. Apart from that I need to wash everything again!

Next generation Maia cave!
After being so busy, we decided to have a movie marathon, starting with Casino Royale, then Quantum of Solace. We made it through movie one then Paul started falling asleep sonic sent him to bed! I watched some Desperate Housewives (I used to love that show) then went to bed as well.

2nd June 2012

I was a bit useless today. Actually, that's an understatement.

I lazed about in bed most of the day! I think it's allowed.

As I didn't do anything interesting today, here's a picture of Barney in his new favourite place - the shower cubicle! You can't imagine how much energy we used up stopping ourselves from switching the water on!

He's an odd boy!

Tonight we watched Mission Impossible 4. We hadn't seen it before having been too lazy to go to the cinema to watch it.

My interest was high for the first 10 minutes then for some reason tailed out a little...can't think why...*cough*Sawyer*cough*

That's a very attractive hand, don't you think?

My review. It was ok. Gave me vertigo! Not a Tom Cruise fan. I enjoyed Jeremy Renner's character more!

1st June 2012

I took loads of awesome pictures today. However they now seem inappropriate. I may share some tomorrow, I don't know.

The reason I'm not sharing them today is down to the fact that when I got home from work this evening I had a call from my Dad to tell me that my Grandmother had just passed away. Dad had only been with her a few hours before.

This news came just over 10 weeks after my Grandfather passed away. Naturally it's very hard for all the family, and I just wish I lived closer to my parents so I could just pop over and give my Dad a big hug.
I don't have many pictures of my Grandma, as she was on a care home for many years and not fit enough to make many family events over the past few years. The last one I have pics from is my cousin Nicola's wedding back in 2007, so my pics today will come from then.

This is my grandparents with my cousin, Karen. It's such a nice picture so I wanted to share it with you.

I may have used this pic when my Grandad died, so forgive me if I did. The proud parents and their children. I love this picture.
Rest in peace, Lilian. Grandma. Say hi to Grandad for us. Glad you are back together again.

31st May 2012

Gym again this morning. Which is in no way fun when it's really humid outside! Makes it even harder work!

While I am at the gym, I listen to audio books rather than music. I find it more soothing and time goes far quicker. I signed up for an audible account at the beginning of the year, and I have to say, it's great! I speed read something shocking and therefore I can skip important bits of plot quite easily, although unintentionally. Listening to audio books means I have to listen at normal person pace!

I totally forgot to update my account for months! Oops. Ah well, means I haven't been listening enough!

The Millennium Trilogy is definitely worth listening to on audiobook. I actually loved it more than when I read it!

30th May 2012

It's very hard to motivate yourself in work when other people can't be bothered. It leads to silliness.

Tatty's Cousin It impression. Really it's just to protect her identity!

It's also hard to be motivated when you're in pain. What is it about me and paper cuts?! Why does paper want to attack me so much ? Was folding the post and nearly chopped my finger off!


No #Whedonsday tonight as Chris had to suit up and go do formal stuff. So Paul and I were lazy and atrocious sloppy joes while watching Game of Thrones as we were behind. The sloppy joes were not amazing. Very sweet. Need a different recipe I think.

Always makes me laugh when Bronn sings as I am reminded of his former singing career!

You're welcome!

29th May 2012

What better way to start your day than forcing yourself to go to the gym first thing. Hard work. Still, it means I can feel smug in the office, knowing I've started the day off right.

Yeah. That went away by lunch time! Nat was back in, leaving the baby with her Mum. Apparently babies don't enjoy chicken pox! Poor thing was screaming down the phone when Nat phoned to check on him. Aw.

Feeling sorry for herself, Nat had a chippy lunch. And force fed me half of it. Literally. Half a chip butty for lunch. Naughty Cagga. It's a very good job I went to the gym this morning isn't it?!

Mmmm. Chip butty. And yes, that is a globule of mayonaise on there. Not my choice. I didn't make it. Ate it though!

When I got home and changed out of my office wear I discovered the back of my shirt had blood on it. No one told me. Seriously, how rude?! I had no idea my back was bleeding and now my shirt is ruined. Great.
Grumpy chops.

I could have been shot or something, and no one said anything. I'm sorry, ruined shirt.

28th May 2012

Day of more madness! One colleague on holiday means more work for me. One on holiday and one on parental leave means I can't have a moment of quiet!

My colleague Natalie's youngest, Jacob (yes, the poor thing that pretty much lives in Alder Hey Children's Hospital) got chicken pox. Not just a few spots. He has them EVERYWHERE!

This is just day one. That's a lot of pox!

The cats are still struggling with the heat. Both of them start going somewhere then collapse like it's the hardest work in the world to do anything! That is until they discover the box next to the bed. Most. Fun. Ever.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

27th May 2012

Woke up this morning with one of my cluster headaches. Which triggered a migraine. Great. So from about 7am I looked like this:

Do I have wonky eyes?
Recommended by my doctor - they're supposed to help. You know your pain is bad when you can't even feel the cold of a cold patch.

I guess they probably helped. I don't know how the bird on the box is smiling though. If you're in pain, you grimace.
After 8 hours of pain, and after taking lots of pills and potions, the pain subsided enough for me to tackle this:

The Leaning Tower o f Ironing. I have no idea how we generate so much in two weeks! I think we may have to stop wearing clothes on a weekend or something!

It was roastingly hot again. The cats are suffering. It's just too warm for them to do anything. So I sent Paul on a mission to get us a fan. And when I say us, I mean the cats. I think it's safe to say that it was a welcome relief for Barney, who spent pretty much every hour belly-side up in front of it!

This is what bliss looks like in feline form!

26th May 2012

After a brief early visit from my parents this morning, we went over to Lymm to a bbq at Paul's cousin's house.

Can't believe I didn't take any pictures!

It was a lovely day and they have a lovely house. When I say lovely I mean MASSIVE! One of their living rooms is the side of the entire downstairs of my house! Still, fair play to them. It's really nice!

Bagged myself a gorgeous bridesmaid in Paul's cousin's little girl! She's delightful and very pretty. She will be 6 by our wedding so a lovely 'Aw' moment for everyone!

When we got home, we had a glass of pink fizz which we were forced to bring home, and watched the news then the end of Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Perfect!

25th May 2012

Hottest day of the year so far.

Naturally I was stuck in the office! Had to run into town at lunch time to pick up some dresses I had ordered, which means I missed the rest of the office going to the pub again. Well fine.

After work, Paul and I decided to sit in our 'front garden' again! This time we went all out!

I don't care if people want to judge us - it's how it's done in Wavertree! Plus two guys at the other end of the street had two gaming rocking chairs out the front earlier. At least we were dignified! :)

24th May 2012

A lovely day in Merseyside. Which is all very well, apart from having to work.

As a special treat, I took my colleague Natalie to the pub with me for a lemonade with @DavvoMacca... *ahem*

Think her lemonade has gone off...

The bar that serves as our office local has some drinks on there which have some...interesting...names...

Why would a company call their energy drink "pussy"? Unless the CEO is a crazy cat lady...

When I got home, I decided to enjoy the sunshine. As no one down my street has a garden, we hang out on the street. My mum calls me a scally for it, but I'm not embarrassed! It's the only way to meet your neighbours! Which was true this evening!

Sat on my doorstep talking to my next-door neighbour. Only downside to this wa Maia jumping over my shoulder, running outside and straight under Paul's car which is parked outside. And stayed there for nearly an hour! She only came back in when a car parked next to Paul's and terrified her so much, she ran into much neighbour's house!

Will have to keep the door closed from now on!

23rd May 2012

Aka most stressful day ever!!

Big big boss man came by for a random visit to do a surprise audit on our files. Yeah. Not good.

Doesn't affect me in any way, apart from running around like a headless chicken trying to find files. Not easy when no one puts their files away. At least I can't get in trouble for that. Not my fault.

A much needed #Whedonsday tonight. Time for more Funky Chicken! It was delish. The beer that washed it down was also amazing!

How funky is YOUR chicken?
 Today also marks the two year anniversary of the end of Lost! Wow. Can't believe that's two years ago! Mind you, this time last year, I was nearing the end of my epic re-watch which divided my twitter followers!
Miss you, Lost!

22nd May 2012

Is it bad when the highlight of your working day is a free chicken & bacon Caesar salad from my good friend Beanie Man?! Well it was and the salad was delish! :-)

Today also marked a big occasion. Paul rid himself of his beard. While it wasn't quite at Santa proportions, it was pretty epic for him.


I actually quite liked it if I'm honest! It had gone past the prickly stage. It was starting to get quite soft!


How different does he look without the beard?! A very handsome man either way though, in my honest opinion! However as that's the only one that matters, it's a win win!

Do you like the beard? Would you have shaved it into some comedy sideburns or a big moustache?

21st May 2012

Can go to work with my head held high! Didn't get drunk and disorderly at the christening yesterday! Whoop!

My usual morning routine when I'm not at the gym is pretty dull, but always made more difficult by my darling Maia, who thinks it's food time! Ordinarily both cats have a pile of biscuits so are clearly not starving. Yet every time I move, Maia runs from the bedroom to the kitchen at top speed!

So yeah, work was boring. I spent most of the day thinking about food. Generally very unhealthy food! We were well behaved though and had salad. Go us!

Maia was in a very playful mood this evening so we spent a good while playing fetch on the stairs! I'd throw one toy and she'd come back with another!

Note to self - vacuum the stairs...

Then Barney wanted a piece of the action, but he doesn't fetch. He just runs away with whichever toy you're trying to play with!


Friday, 25 May 2012

20th May 2012

Early start for us today! We had church to get to!

Off we popped to All Hallows Church for my boss's grandson's christening. Well at least it's not Deathly Hallows church...although I didn't check for horcruxes...

No screaming kids when baptised, which was a bit disappointing!

Lovely day had with the boss's family. He kept bringing me glasses of sparkling wine which were very nice, but I had no plans to get sozzled THIS time...unlike last time I went to a boss's family christening...


We got home at about 4, chilled out and watched National Treasure! Always fun!

19th May 2012

Last night's migraine / cluster headache sucked big time. It also buggered everything up for me today. Did not feel like doing anything. I kept feeling niggly pain in my head every so often so I was scared it was going to come back.

We ventured out and bought a printer this morning. Like you do! Will be useful with the wedding approaching far quicker than I'm comfortable with!

After that I still couldn't settle. Paul watched football and I messed about on the internet, taking frequent breaks from the screen due to headache. These headaches suck. Have I mentioned that?

Paul treated himself to one of his favourite beers - Cain's Double Bock, while I didn't help myself one bit and devoured a large quantity of maltesers. Bloody love Maltesers!


Anyone else suck maltesers, rather than chew them? Please don't say I'm the only one...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

18th May 2012

Everyone send get well vibes to my colleague Natalie's little boy Jacob again. He has such a severe infection at the back of his throat that his tonsils are covered in pus, his throat is red raw and thus he's not eating a bite or drinking a drop, which has severely dehydrated him. He's on a drip now so hoping improvement will come soon.

I think I used all my positivity and good vibes on Jacob, as since I left work I have come down with one of my severe cluster headaches, which in turn triggered a migraine. Hideous horrendous pain. In bed from 6 and didn't get out again.

Variety of drugs were taken and somewhere along the line, one of them helped as I woke up at 11:30pm and was relatively pain free. The paella that Paul made for dinner probably helped too!

I was then joined by this little rascal, who didn't want her picture taken but as I hadn't taken one today and it was nearing midnight, it had to be done!

Do NOT take mah picture at this hour, mamma!

This face cannot fail to make me feel better!

17th May 2012

It's Thursday...Thorsday...Thursday.

Paul came in VERY late last night and a little merry. It was difficult to get up this morning!

My treat today was my lunch hour with the lovely Dave! (@davvomacca on twitter) who I don't see nearly enough. Especially as he works less than 5 minutes away from me.

Guinnes for Dave and a red wine for me. Rebelling on a lunch time. :D

I was in a good mood when I got back so naturally everyone thought I was tipsy. Seriously. One one glass of wine?! Still, better that than pregnant I suppose! :-)

Paul got home, we had chicken, watched more Community (shut up) then had an early night. Paul was asleep before 9pm! Tired baby! To be fair, I don't  think I was far behind him!

16th May 2012

Blah Blah went to work Blah Blah was bored Blah Blah came home.
That's where the boredom stopped however, as Chris (@thiscrs) came round, we had pasta, watched an ep of Community (so he'd get obsessed too) then headed to the cinema to celebrate this week's #Whedonsday.

It was about time we had a #Whedonsday excursion to watch Marvel's Avengers Assemble! Or, you know, The Avengers. Because not all brits would get Hulk confused with John Steed from the 1998 movie of the same name. we are again!

Woah, how did THOSE get inside my handbag. Crazy reckless rebel that I am!

Chris and I eagerly awaiting the start of the movie. Honest. We're in this picture. You can see the screen reflected in our glasses

Second time for Chris, third for me, and by golly do I enjoy it! I wish it were out on bluray already! :-)

...yeah yeah...any excuse to watch the trailer again...

15th May 2012

Another dull Tuesday. Discovered that an old friend of mine was in Manchester but I couldn't get over to see her today. Which sucks.

I managed to clear a backlog of work on my desk though, which was very good of me. I enjoy a good productive work day.

Had to wait a while for Paul to get home, which always sucks, and it was made even worse by there not being any 'Don't Tell The Bride' on iPlayer. Gutted. Ended up watching three episodes of 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'.

The dress shop featured on there has been in my blog before, and I used to live literally down the road from it.

At least I know what style wedding dress I DON'T want, right?!

14th May 2012

Monday. Paul was working from home due to dentist requirements so I sat in work with no desire to be there. The good bit was that we got to watch the Once Upon a Time finale. Twas good!

To make things more interesting, a sugar rush was required in the afternoon to perk us up! I participated in some 'Randoms', and as Random is a favourite word of mine. One word review: Meh. Not very random at all.


13th May 2012

It's Sunday. I ache from running. While I know it's good pain, I still feel I have licence to moan and feel sorry for myself!

A typical Sunday morning in the Hartley-Kirkham household generally commences with a brew or two in bed.

Then the laptops are out and we catch up with news/social media/games etc. We are usually joined by Maia and sometimes Barney as well!

Yes, Maia always looks adorable under the laptop tray. She wants me to pay attention to her and not PostSecret or one of the numerous wedding blogs I follow!

Then Paul will watch sports and I will iron. I hate ironing.

That's pretty much how today went! After I finished ironing, Paul had made dinner and we watched more Community. Yes. We're obsessed. Any harm in that?

Dindins tonight was a break from the norm! We had Funky Chicken with Sesame noodles! Mmm.

How funky is your chicken, spinach, asparagus and sesame noodle dinner, huh?!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

12th May 2012

We ran. Liverpool Princes Park ParkRun. It was bloody hard. It hurt. Nearly fainted. Wanted to quit. Didn't.

After coming home, eating, showering etc I decided I wanted to clean the living room. Didn't realise how dusty it got!

Mum and Dad came to visit. It was a lovely sunny day. So instead of being social and playful, Maia spent the entire visit behind the tv, in her favourite sunspot on the window.

Sleepy Maia!

Happy Maia in the sunshine!

After Mum & Dad left, I summoned enough strength to tidy the dvds. But that's not good enough. We have so many, and the geek shelves are 3 dvds deep. Yep, time to uber-geek out and alphabetise then prioritise!

A rather diverse collection, I'm sure you'll agree. Some great. Some terrible.
Didn't take very long, and now my geek shelves look shiny and awesome again! Yay!

Top shelf: Whedon goodness; Second shelf: Complete tv boxsets; Third shelf: Harry Potter shelf; Fourth shelf: Tolkien stuff (aka my happy place); Fifth, Sixth & Seventh shelves: dvds & indiviual season boxsets. I love my geek shelves!

My father in law to be made these shelves from scratch just over a year ago, and fitted them perfectly into the alcoves around my fireplace. Aren't they fab?!

We settled down to watch Cold Mountain, and after a slow start, actually enjoyed it! Then we finished season 1 of Community. Yes, in 4 days. I'm not ashamed of it! The paintball ep, possibly our favourite so far!

Oh, and my run results came in! Ridiculously late. Over 12 hours after the run finished. Was not a happy bunny with how long they took to come through, but made up with my time!

I came 117th out of 126. I'm quite pleased with that. 29 seconds off my personal best, but I was in pain and nearly fainted, damn it! I'm quite pleased! Will try again next week!

I need to find Community season 2 now. I don't think we can not watch it!