Sunday, 29 January 2012

28th January 2012

So I didn't do much today. I really am quite dull, aren't I?!

Paul watched the football (but we won't talk about that!) and enjoyed some quirkitl-named beer. I looked at wedding dresses. Saw some nice ones but they would probably look ridiculous on me!

Our congratulations balloon decided to make a break for freedom up the chimney. Which attracted the cats to the chimney. Both cats then went up the chimney. They came back down again and brought 100 year old soot with them. Little monkeys!

Had our last bottle of Back Door red wine while watching Take Me Out. Paul then went to bed. I watched Blockbusters then Pride and Prejudice. The movie with Keira Knightley. I do love me some Austen.
Ooh Mr. Darcy!

Paul watching the football, complete with beer and twitter!
First Gold Badger ale. It was quite nice.
Our last bottle of Back Door red. It's a Monster, apparently. The cork broke. #Fail
The balloon making a bid for freedom up my chimney.

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