Sunday, 8 January 2012

6th January 2012

The first day of my future sister-in-law's hen do! Which meant traveling from Liverpool to Lichfield to Redditch to Stratford-upon-Avon.
Of course, I can't say everything that went on, but some pictures of my day the antics.
It was also day 1 of migraine. Let's not focus on that...

I'm not sure if this was a bargain or not. However, it got me to where I needed to be!
Stafford train station. I've spent many an hour here in the last 10 years. Can't say it's all been fun...but it's been ok...

Queen Sophie "Spohicles/Sophocles" Hartley. Mamma cat. The friendliest kitty you ever did meet. She also likes boxes.
Commadore Charles Zeus Zoltan Hartley III. Aka Charlicles or Chuckles. 20 weeks old (or so) here. Little Chucky Rascal!
So to the hen-do. Cupcakes! L-R: Vanilla sponge with strawberry frosting; Chocolate sponge with peppermint frosting; and Chocolate sponge with vanilla frosting. All delish. Notice also the phallic straws and my glass of water! :)

One of the hen's many surprise gifts. A lickable calendar. Filth, I tells ya.

This is Annabel licking said calendar. Disgusting. In many many ways!

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