Friday, 10 February 2012

10th February 2012

Send your love to baby Jacob Whalon everyone. He has a severe lung infection and very poorly. Not even a year old. GET WELL SOON, CHUNK!

Another crappy day. Lost 5 1/2 years work because my dumbass flash pen decided to lose it all. One say you'll see a pic of it smashed.

Discovered my blog is popular in the ol' US of A! Hey there and thanks for reading! Please comment or email and say hi! Blighty came second. Wotcha! France came third. Hey again, @Meysocial! Come on, other nations! Get those hits in! #Desperate

I promise I will try to find something interesting this weekend!

Here's this week's organic veg box. Yawn.

Yummilicious healthy dirty veg. Coming to a meal near you VERY soon!

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