Sunday, 12 February 2012

11th February 2012

Saturday. My second favourite day of the week!

Today I got a new washing machine! Well...nearly new. It came from my grandparents' house. They are both in care homes so the family are clearing out their house to sell it. So my parents turned up on my doorstep with a washing machine! It's barely been used so yay! While I'm glad I don't have to pay for one; I don't enjoy the circumstances in which I got this one.

I also managed to get my old hard drive working with my mp3 collection on it! Cheesy music and songs from the musicals were blasting from my house today as I ironed!

It's Mummy Hartley's birthday on Wednesday. As I won't see her, I bought her some flowers today! You know how hard it is to buy any flowers that aren't red roses this time of year? VERY. Bloody valentine's day.

Literally the only option in the shop. Good job they are pretty!

 After watching a bit of tv; I left Paul watching Match of the Day and came to bed. Where I found Maia looking gorgeous in one of my shopping bags. What is it with cats and bags?!


Until next time...g'night!

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