Tuesday, 14 February 2012

13th February 2012

Longest day in work ever. Seriously. I had to ask permission to go have a lunch break!

Then I had to get a train to Manchester. Which was stuck behind a delayed train to Wigan. We hadn't even got to Newton-Le-Willows when there was a points failure. Delayed by half an hour. Disgraceful. Helped a disabled bloke find his connecting train and met Paul. We then went for a sneaky snack at my favourite restaurant in Manchester.
Sorry for the blur. My phone is drunk.

If you are ever in Manchester, you HAVE to go and eat at Sam's Chop House. Traditional grub...but awesome! Fabulous wine selection as well, if you're that way inclined! Try it! You'll like it! The corned beef hash is yummilicious, and I'm also partial to their vegetarian sausages.
So from there, we went to a tiny little venue called the Manchester Evening News Arena. And saw this chap...

Can you tell who it is yet?

 For those of you who are still none the wiser; this is a fella called Noel Gallagher, and the other dudes on stage are his High Flying Birds.

My review - pretty good! He wasn't on very long but still got loads of songs on, including some new takes on old Oasis songs. He had the band, a brass section and even a choir on stage! Thoroughly enjoyed it, but wish it hadn't been a Monday night! Shattered now!

The lighting of this show was brilliant. Some people don't appreciate how much work goes into lighting shows, but it either makes or breaks a performance. Last night the lighting did not disappoint. This pic above, with the yellow was my favourite. 

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day for you romantics out there...and Tuesday for everyone else! Wonder if Paul's bought me another diamond... *

*I hope not...we have a wedding to save for...

*I wouldn't turn it down though...

*But as I only just got the last one, it's a bit too much to ask...

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