Wednesday, 15 February 2012

14th February 2012

Happy Hallmark-Profit day!

Nah, I'm a little softie really! I can't say I'm all about expensive presents, overpriced red roses (I prefer yellow ones btw) and chocolates. I prefer more original and thoughtful gifts. Which is exactly what I got!

My heart-shaped non-spikey (kitty danger) cactus. I love it!

I much prefer gifts on days when you don't expect them. If Paul wants to buy me expensive flowers, chocolates, jewels, cars, he's more than welcome to! Don't get me wrong, I like pretty things! I also like originality, and my cactus is just that. Plus I can't keep normal plants alive, so hopefully this one will fare better! :)

I know some people reading this will probably think that I am only saying those things because I wasn't given expensive flowers or chocolates; or that I'm pissed off because Paul didn't spend millions in Tiffany's. Fine. Think that if you want. Anyone who knows me, knows that I mean what I say!

Short entry today. I know you don't mind!

**updated: I have know idea why this didn't post earlier! I just noticed it hadn't published. Stupid thing. Soz about that, la!**

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