Friday, 17 February 2012

16th February 2012

It's my Auntie Barbara's birthday today! Happy Birthday!

Work was uneventful, as ever. Which is good I suppose. I'm starting to get abusive calls from clients again as they aren't happy that their solicitor isn't speaking to them. It always puts me in a bad mood as it's not my fault! It's even more irritating as when I pass the abusive messages on, the solicitor thinks it's funny. Surely I have a right to work and be respected? Maybe I should buy a poster...
Anyway, came home to poorly Paul and chilled out.

I've had some people ask me how my savaged hand is now, nearly a month on. Well it's ok, thanks!

My little finger peeled a lot. It's now quite red in comparison to the others but other than a few little scars, I think I made a full recovery! Thanks!

I am well aware I am in need of a manicure. The less said about the state of my nails right now, the better! 

There is still some teeth-sized bruising in the little finger nail, and the digit itself looks a bt ugly. Better that than her biting the end of my finger off like she was trying to! :)

You can see how messed up they were here and here.

Anyway, to bed. There is a feline hot water bottle in need of a snuggle!


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