Sunday, 26 February 2012

25th February 2012

The film didn't freak me out all night. Yay! The cats decided to use me as a human trampoline from the hour of 1am to 8am.

I got up. Because if I stayed in bed, I probably would have ended up throwing both cats out the window. Ok, not really, but I would have been  in a bigger grump for the rest of the day! Believe me, I was already pretty grumpy!

The above image was taken from SyFy channel in the UK. I was waiting for Buffy to come on, so I could chill with a brew and watch Buffy kick some ass. Instead, bloody infomercials (I think they are called) were on LOOOOOONG repeat. The 'Ahh Bra'...seriously?! It's hideous! Then this JML advert for the 'Magic Bullet' (which to me sounds like something you'd buy in Ann Summers). Some overly cheery american lady making vegetable shakes so easily. The above image featured a drink made of brocolli, other green veg, carrots and beetroot. The above guy was so convincing when he said "you can't taste the vegetables at all" SERIOUSLY...I don't believe for a single second that this guy actually means that. The worst infomercial actor in the history of the world. Even his face is unconvincing.

Aherm. Move on from this rant, Hartley!

These are my battle scars. I have not been self harming, for the record. My darling Maia decided I didn't have enough life-long reminder scars of her. Yeah. These hurt.

Paul came home! He brought me these!

I especially enjoy the crazy tropical looking flower in the middle. No idea what it is!

Did about 1/3 of the ironing today. So will be finishing that off tomorrow! Crazy rock n roll lifestyle!

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