Sunday, 5 February 2012

4th February 2012

It's spring-clean Saturday!

Time for our bedroom to get all proper shiny! It's not like we live in squalor but with two indoor cats, the dust tends to accumulate rather quickly and in abundance!

As it turns out, it's not just dust and cat hair that gathered under our bed. It seems that playful kitties + wooden floor = a plethora of lost feline entertainment. Including most of my hair band collection!

Final count: 14 mice, 5 corks, 2 broken collars (Barney's favourite toys) and lots of ribbon!

I gathered the toys to photograph them...and it wasn't easy, as it seems my kitties have missed their toys and wanted to play with them again!

Barn quite fancied a bite of the pink mouse.

Maia wanted it all!

The cats also loved that the mattress was on it's side in the window! They could watch the rain! Note I say rain, as the rest of the country got LOTS of snow. Our rain froze and instantly became ice. Anyone who knows me knows ice terrifies me, after the elbow breakage incident of 2010. You can see the damage here.

Both kitties trying to kill me with their lazerbeam eyes!

Barney watching the freezing rain come down. NOT snow. Just bloody cold rain!

After all the hard work, we had home made curry and were very lazy. Fabulous!

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