Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February 2012

Monday. The best day of the week (except Whedonsday), right?!

Today my Mum and Dad's kitten had a little snippety snip, and now is worthy of his high pitched mew...if you know what I mean...

Little Chuckles...before he lost A GORGEOUS BELLY!

I finally found my passport! Yay! Ok, so you guys didn't know it was missing but believe me, I wasn't looking forward to forking out for a new one this year, when I will be changing it to my married name in a few years time. Phew! Anyway, it struck me how much I look like a photo-fit in my passport pic! It's 2 years old and I look so different! Very android-y!

For some reason it won't rotate. Probably because it's a photo of a robot.

After work, Paul and I enjoyed leftover green coriander chicken curry and watched some True Blood on blu-ray. I love that series! So many pretty people!

See! It really is green! Which means it's good and healthy, right?

To end the entry; here's a gratuitous shot of Barney looking gorgeous on the dressing table. My sweet boy!

My beautiful B-Rubz. Showing off his one remaining red soft claw.

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