Wednesday, 8 February 2012

7th February 2012

Some people talk in their sleep. Some people walk. I take photographs...

This was at about 2.30am.

I am under the duvet. One of my legs is on the far left of the pic, the other on the far right. It turns out I was sleeping with both and Maia and Barney (who is not a small cat) in my sleep-space. Sleeping. I am torn between 'aw' as they're kinda cuddling together; and GET OUT OF MY SLEEP SPACE!

I don't remember taking this picture. I obviously thought something else was there, stopping my legs moving! Turns out, it was my live-in monsters!

I decided to treat myself today. Even though it's February, all the Easter goodies are in the shops. Yawn. Seriously, though, who buys their kids easter eggs in Feb, when Easter isn't until April?! 2 MONTHS AWAY!

I could eat these all day. However, 157 calories per bunny puts me off somewhat. I fell for a gimmick. But you know what. They are DEEEEELISHUS!


Thank goodness for this disclaimer on the back. I was worried there for a second!

I started reading this the other night. We bought them for my sister in law for Christmas and she flew through them! I haven't a lot of time to read at the minute, but as a break from the Game of Thrones book.

I am currently undecided at the moment as to whether I'm enjoying them. I have a feeling it's another series in the same category as the Twishite books.

With quotes like these:

It only confuses me more! They quote Stephenie Meyer - one of the worst authors I've ever read; and Stephen King. An amazing author. Ok, they both say positive things. But seriously, STEPHENIE MEYER?! Makes me want to stop reading right now. However, I can't do that. I promised people on twitter I will keep reading, so on I go. Wish me luck. If any sparkly vampires turn up, I may actually start a form of Hunger Game myself. Stephenie Meyer being first up...


  1. I had a look and Stephen King's full quote was "Constant suspense is just one of the many fundamental elements missing from this book, but she had a gun to my head so I couldn't stop reading".

    1. To be honest, I've read it and it is full of suspense. Meyer's quote has made me a massive skeptic though! :) It's not a good selling point for me...