Saturday, 28 April 2012

27th April 2012

Also known as my work birthday!

Things I have learnt:
- my colleagues don't listen to me.
- my colleagues do know that the sink isn't just a storage facility for dirty dishes.
- my colleagues think for some wacky reason that I am pregnant!


So I got in and told James that I felt a bit icky this morning (probably not helping myself here, am I?!). Literally 2 minutes later, him and Nat come down the corridor with a stodgy chocolate cake. I promptly threw up a little in my mouth. Clearly not listening.

I made a wish. I bloody hope it comes true.

I went to answer the door as no one else could be bothered. Flower delivery. Big bunch of mixed flowers. For me. Yes, they're very pretty, and look lovely. HOWEVER, I said the other day that I can't really have flowers in my house as the cats see it as their personal mission to eat, play with and destroy pretty arrangements. NOT LISTENING. Plus anyone who knows anything about me knows I love my kitties and don't want them to die. WHY GIVE ME A BOUQUET WITH MASSIVE LILIES IN IT THAT ARE POISONOUS TO CATS?! This fact has been mentioned by me MANY times. Everyone in my office has cats or has had a cat in the past. Do they not know this anyway? NOT LISTENING!

Maia makes her acquaintence with the bouquet. Sans lilies, of course. They were there less than 5 minutes before she went for a chew.
 They gave me more presents later but I haven't opened them as it's not by birthday til Sunday.

I had to pop out on a mission for my boss. I was gone about an hour. When I came back, the dishes were done! Yay! It's a birthday-eve-eve miracle! BUT NOT THE CUTLERY. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. I might have ranted about this a couple of weeks ago so don't want to repeat myself!

So yeah. My colleagues think I'm pregnant. I have no idea why they think this. I THINK it's because I've started drinking more herbal tea (better for you) and I've been quiet recently. The reason I've been quiet is because I've been working and they haven't and also BECAUSE THE WASHING UP IS STILL IN THE SINK. I haven't put on weight, I'm eating less, this morning was the only time I've felt sick, I'm generally a cranky bitch anyway...where did this baby idea come from?! For those of you that haven't picked up on it: Paul and I are getting married next year. We have a wedding to pay for. Babies are expensive. I have no desire to be a mother yet. For many reasons.

I hope they stop saying things like that. It's not true and while I don't let them wind me up, it's rather irritating.

Readers: I am not pregnant and have no desire to be in the near future.

I'd be a kitten mum again...but I'm not allowed. I'm sad.

Anyway. After a loooooooong day of NOT BEING PREGNANT, I came home to find cards and an amazon gift on the floor...exciting! It's going to be an awesome weekend!

Paul came home, with wine *see how not pregnant I am?! I drink alcohol and I like it!* and we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides. I fell asleep and missed the end. Oops. Bedtime for Cagga!
I love our Sky Movies discovery! :) Also please bow down and worship my digital photoframe, complete with Samwise Gamgee explaining to Smeagol what taters are. Yes, I am that much of a nerd!
Tomorrow is going to be the most fun day ever! We are going to see The Avengers (sod calling it whatever the BBFC thinks the UK needs to call it. It's the Avengers, k?) with some of my favourite people in the world ever! It's going to be sooooo much fun! Or at least it best be, ok?

26th April 2012

I might have been a bit of a cranky pants today. I offer no apology. Apparently my colleagues, in conjunction with their inability to answer the phones also have no idea how washing up liquid and sponges work. Leaving your dishes piled up in the sink doesn't make the washing up fairy come along and do it all for you. No, it sits there. Taking up space in the sink. Probably attracting ants and other bugs. I think people presume I'll do it. No. No I won't. I manage the office, I am not the office skivvy as well.

Gah, these people piss me off sometimes.

What better way to feel better after a day of being walked over than watching a movie about violence (kinda) on blu ray?

We watched Red. I think we enjoyed it! Harmless fun, and Dame Helen Mirren kicking ass. Yes, it helped.

Ah well. Early night needed as tomorrow may be mental for both of us. TFI Friday tomorrow.

Friday, 27 April 2012

25th April 2012

If you want someone to answer your calls, hire a secretary. Or get an answer machine. Don't just presume I will do it for you. Just a disclaimer.

So, it's Whedonsday. Which is awesome. Apart from that there was a beer shortage scare. Luckily Chris fixed it and all was well. The episodes were a little depressing...apart from Robot Gal, but death & sadness. Luckily there was foamy beer, lamb meatballs and chocolate cheesecake. They helped.

And as we're poor and saving for a wedding, it was all by candlelight! Spooky!

24th April 2012

Guess what?! Yeah! Today sucked!

Not so sucky part - remembered Deadlocked is out next week! Whoop!

Didn't do a great deal after work. Chilled with Paul then relaxed with a peppermint tea.

Random other pic of Paul mixing the cat biscuits for you today. They have a mixture of hairball control, indoor cat & sometimes low fat... :-)

Will try to do something interesting tomorrow...of course I will! It's Whedonsday!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

23rd April 2012

Happy St. George's Day, England! Even though he was Turkish or whatever! Besides, he killed a dragon...Danerys will not be pleased!

Oh and happy birthday Shakespeare...and death day... Hmmm...moving on!

Back to work. AssHat decided be wasn't  coming in today and was 'working from home'. Whatever. *cough*bullshit*cough*.

I was a bit of a cranky pants at work so we won't dwell on that. It was probably because I was hungry. Yeah, let's blame the hunger!

As Paul doesn't get home until over half an hour after me, I decided an apple would be an adequate snack. So did the cats too, who abandoned their salmon Whiskers and hounded me for a bite of my apple!

Very cute!

When Paul got back, we had a healthy chicken salad and caught up on tv. Game of Thrones was very...sick...and creepy. Joffrey is most definitely another AssHat.

Did anyone else notice the bearded Peter Kay lookalike in that episode?!

Just us?

Monday, 23 April 2012

22nd April 2012

It's Sunday. I usually iron. I didn't today. Instead I cleaned out the fridge, the litter trays, the bins, washed up...oh, and caught up on these blogs!

I didn't take pictures of any of the above as quite frankly, it was gross. If you want to see cat excrement and unexpected mould (seriously nearly vomited when I saw that...keep an eye on your fridge drain people!) then you're in the wrong place.

Instead here are pics of my beautiful kitties just being gorgeous! You'd all much rather look at these than the ick I've seen today!

The beautiful Maia, lying in the sunshine! It makes me melt into a million pieces when I see cats cover their eyes when they sleep! She was snoring/dreaming too! If you've never heard a cat do this, they make an odd squeaky cute!

GINGER BELLY! She's so cute! I could just eat her! But then I'd miss I won't. I'll just 'huff' the belly instead. For those of you who aren't familiar with kitten 'huffing', see this instruction guide here. Also, if you like cute teeny tiny kittens, follow Connie's blog, as her kitten fosters are just GORGEOUS!

Paul went to the football again, leaving me alone with these beasts. They clearly miss him, as took turns to snuggle up to his joggers! Yes, these kitties love nothing more that to fall asleep on Paul's leisure wear! At all points today there was at least one cat cuddling up here!

I tried to take a picture of Barney giving Maia a wash, but he decided he didn't want to let me. Instead, he's protectively cuddling the jogging bottoms! Note his red claws are still attached! Which is good as he REALLY doesn't attaching day! :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

21st April 2012

Migraine still hasn't gone.

Paul is a superstar and got me my medicine, which helped.

New rant for today - why are dvds/Blu Rays of things you want to watch so flippin expensive? Are the industries actually that surprised that people download them on the internet?!

We want to watch both Iron Men, Thor and Captain America before going to see The Avengers next weekend. We wanted to buy them. We were not going to spend the ridiculous amounts of money a certain high street retailer us charging for them.

The films are £9.99 each on itunes. Maybe...

We have a movie rental facility on our digital tv box. None of them were on there...hmmm...

Anyway, the answer was there all along. Paul's Mum uses our laptop to keep up with the sport when they're away. They get movie channels with their package...

Thor is funny. We started falling asleep through Captain America.

Only problem with laptop viewing is that the screen is so small. NOT A PROBLEM IN OUR HOUSE!

A projector is not cheap. Mine is on long-term loan from my office. It's awesome! Even Barney thinks so! Only downside is you REALLY need a dark room to play it in. We don't have one of those do we have to wait for it to go dark outside!

Yes, those are Buffy video boxsets it is sitting on! They are perfect to make a stand out of! I knew I kept them for something!

Barney isn't impressed that the screen isn't clear enough yet! He wants to take on Thor, damnit!

20th April 2012

I am not over my annoyance of yesterday. AssHat went too far. I think he knows it too, as he barely said 2 words to me today.

I was in at 7am again...

Beanie Man supplied us with yet another epic feast today! We are the last stop on his round so any food that's going to go off is given away as he'd just throw it otherwise. He gives some to the homeless, but as they're quite scary in Liverpool, he buys our loyalty with free food instead.

It works - he's our favourite!

Oh, and a that overtime? Totally worth it! What I was doing paid off and was successful! Yay! As a thank you, my boss bought me a gift:

Just a shame I've had a terrible migraine all day and haven't been able to shift it. One is not amused.

Early night again, due to my head pain. Paul had been in London all day so he was shattered too. Bed+boy+babba= happy Caroline!

Babba knows when her Mum needs a cuddle. Just a shame the velvet on the sheets captures all the fur she's currently moulting!

19th April 2012

Caroline = useless.

Two tiny hours sleep the cats allowed me. TWO.

Then it was back in to work at 6.45am. Yeah.

Surely it's not legal to be in the office at this hour? Also: how did I manage to get the picture taken at exactly 6:58:00?!
AssHat decided to live up to his name. Apparently I should be working harder for about no?! What he said actually made me cry. I know it was because I am tired as he wasn't particularly mean or anything but accusing me of not working hard enough when I have 2 jobs and have put in stupid amounts of hours over the last few months UNPAID OVERTIME...that just got to me.

So I put on my ipod, had a cup of tea and looked forward to going home as I got my Paul back. Getting Paul back after he's been away = awesome.

Plus I know that if he carries on being an AssHat to me, Paul will show him what he thinks about that. With his fists.

I don't condone violence for no reason. We have motive.

18th April 2012

Officially known as my longest ever day in work.

After waving Paul off to Bristol for two days, I set off for work myself, arriving just before 7am. Where I stayed until just after 10pm. With two 1 hour breaks in between.

I didn't think to take a picture of the time when I arrived, as, you know, I was working, but I got my first brew at 7.15am. I drank a loooot of tea today! Herbal and normal. A clever mix!

I can't go into detail as to why I was in work so long. Suffice to say that it's terribly important and I'm the only one that could do it.

I also had a feeling I'd be required to stay late so I had to cancel Whedonsday. I hate doing it and I'm not proud of it.

I took an hour at midday and toddled off home to see my kitties and remind myself if I had left them enough food. I had. Phew!

For once they were getting along...and not at all interested in me - they prefer talking to the pigeons outside!

Back to work. To sort through thousands of pieces of paper. When there is that much paper, there will be papercuts. I'm surprised I got as few as I did!

Two extra nasty papercuts. They really flippin' hurt!

I worked until 6 when I came home for some food (and a cheeky whisky) before going back 7-10.
The cats did not approve on my long shifts and promptly proceeded to run around like lunatics ALL FUCKING NIGHT.

It's a good job they are pretty...

17th April 2012

Thought I'd make an early start on everything today with work being so mental. I know I'm the only one who gives a sh*t sometimes as I do get mocked for all the hours I do. It just gives me ammunition if they ever accuse me of laziness!

It was a tough day though. Not assisted by Paul leaving his work laptop in Coventry. Luckily my Dad was 6 miles away so able to collect it so Paul can pick it up on his way to Bristol tomorrow.

Our favourite man with a butty van - The Bean Machine - gave me my lunch for free today. He's awesome! Cajun chicken salad and Leek & Potato soup.

All homemade at their main place on the Docks. It's bloomin fabulous! :-) If any of my Liverpool chums (or Salford or Manchester now I think about it) ever get the opportunity to go to 'Bean' or see the 'Bean Machine' then do.

That's not a sponsored link - he's just that awesome!

 Proof I ate it all!

Anyway, after Paul got back, we decided to treat ourselves to something delicious for after dinner...not that we ended up eating it! Instead we watched How I Met Your Mother and Castle, then went to sleep as we both had early starts Wednesday morning.

Proof that at nearly 29 I can still laugh because our iced buns look like boobs! I'll grow up one day...

16th April 2012

Happy Birthday Ash & Drew! :-)

Incredibly busy day in work today. One of those days where you never actually get a second to do anything but everything needs doing, you know?!

After what felt like the longest day ever (little did I know what was coming later this week), I got home, watched Game of Thrones with Paul then decided on an early night, as Paul had to go to Coventry the next morning.

We were given a new duvet by my future mother-in-law AGES ago which she bought us as it was 'on sale'...still crazy expensive, even with a discount! Anyway, she got us a super-king size, which is bigger than our current set. We bought a new bed set to go with it but never actually got around to changing it all over. WELL, today was that day!

Yeah, it looks a bit tacky! It's super comfortable though! Feels like something out of Game of Thrones! It's Lannister colours, which I'm not sure is a good theme to have...but the cats like it, which is the main thing!

Terrible quality picture of a wonderfully comfortable bed! :D

15th April 2012

Sunday = day of rest, right? Well no. Not in our house, anyway!

Paul was supposed to go running this morning, but unfortunately his running partner had a family emergency, so they didn't go.

Paul then went over to Manchester to the match, so I was planning on epic relaxation time...then remembered I had ironing to do.

Didn't really have much to take pictures of, as I didn't do anything exciting, so here are some unflattering pictures of Barney, who insisted on showing his bellydots for most of the day! I love his belly dots! :-)

Please excuse the 'pile of crap' in the corner - we need a weekend of doing nothing to sort it out...not happening any time soon, sadly!

14th April 2012

Today was a little mental. Absolutely flew by!

I still have this horrible cold which doesn't seem to want to shift. I am, in fact, becoming a living germ!

Mum and Dad came over after going up to Blackburn, and they brought me an amazing gift back from my grandparents' house!

 I am in love with this teapot! I am collecting tea stuff for wedding decoration. And, before anyone starts: OUR THEME IS NOT FUCKING SHABBY CHIC. I hate that phrase. Yes, it would work with our venue. However, it is not our theme. Our theme is a secret and isn't really a theme at all to be fair - it's just something to work around!

So if any readers have some awesome old tea sets they'd like to donate - teapots, china cups, jugs etc, I'd gratefully receive them. However you'd probably need to be nearby as postage on fragile items would suck.


Mum and Dad also brought my another awesome gift from the house, but that really is a secret! I didn't want it at first, but I've changed my mind now...

So after Mum and Dad left, we watched some football, The Grand National was also on (what a weekend for sport in Merseyside!) and then we were at a bit of a loss for something to do.

Only one thing for it - we needed to leave the house, otherwise we would have gone to the off licence and bought lots of alcohol and got drunk in, on our own and I would end up passed out on the sofa, dribbling on which ever cat decided to make a bed of me!

So yeah, we went to the cinema. My second trip of the week - although I had to pay for this one!

We went to see The Hunger Games. We liked it! I read the books ages ago and Paul finished the first one yesterday. Casting was very good (although Peeta wasn't pretty enough. I'd pick Gale any day and not just because he's Thor's brother) and they got a lot of the book in there, which is rare for an adaptation! Haymitch isn't nearly drunk enough (but I heart Woody Harrelson, so it's ok!) and Lenny Kravitz was great too!

It was after 11 when we got back in, therefore perfectly acceptable to have a herbal tea and go to bed!

Wow - we really sound old, don't we?!

Friday, 13 April 2012

13th April 2012

It's Friday the 13th. Again. We live with a black cat. He crosses my path (and gets under my feet) on a daily basis. So I can't be superstitious as otherwise I'd be doomed!

It would make sense that I am doomed today, as so many things that irritate me have happened. Here are just a few of them:

People using the last of the kitchen roll and not replacing it with a new one. Same applies to loo roll by the way. Why can't you just put a new one on it?! It's not hard. It's just lazy, that's what it is.

People taking staples out of paperwork then leaving the removed staples lying around. These were just on MY desk. Wasn't me who put them there, so it begs the questions: Why was someone other than me working at my desk and why can't they just put the staples in the bin THAT WAS DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH THAT BIT OF WOOD THAT THE STAPLES ARE SITTING ON?!

 Dirty dishes left in the sink. I know who left these dishes in the sink, and I also know that this person had left for the day, nay, the weekend so were never even intending on doing them at a later time. I am not your maid and I am not your mother. Why should I be left to do your washing up? If I don't do it, no-one will and I'm sorry but that's not an acceptable option, as it's me who'll get the "why hasn't the washing up been done" by the powers that be.

People that leave dirty cutlery on the worktops in the kitchen. Now I moved that knife (still covered in butter, note) from the surface into the sink before I thought about taking a picture. The surface had a butter smear on it. The sink then got one as well. SERIOUSLY?! How hard is it to put it in the sink? Ok, clearly very hard as a) they didn't do that, and b) they left the rest of the washing up as well...

This irritation is two-fold. Part 1 - People who don't crush their empty containers. I bought this milk carton. It was heavy and full. It's a 4 pinter I think so it's not small. When it's empty, it's full of air therefore taking up quite a lot of space in our small bin. Take the lid off and stand on it. That way it won't take up as much room, meaning that you won't have to empty the bin.

Part 2 - People who fill the bin but don't empty it and put a new bag in. Right - doing the bins isn't nice. I am told it can be a smelly job. Which is why it probably gets left to me, what with my lack of sense of smell. IT'S A TINY BIN. IT'S NOT HEAVY. You know what, it's Friday - you don't even need to take it outside as I'd do it on my way out of an evening. Just do the polite thing and empty the damn thing.

Sorry. I needed to get those off my chest. Every person in my office is a grown up. I am the youngest at 28. Yet when they come to work I think they believe that a little fairy will come and do all their chores that they must do at home, and make the office all spic and span. Well, no. There isn't. There's me. The office manager. Why should I have to clean up after you all? You want me to wipe your backsides as well for you?

As I found out today that we have to provide our own refreshment in our office, which is another task and expense which will no doubt fall on me, I quit. I do not get paid anywhere near enough to perform maid service as well as run the f*cking office. I begrudge paying for the milk every week but I do because I am a tea fiend. And also because I have my breakfast in the office. So if the milk is there, people use it. Why should I provide everything else as well? Well I'm not any more. I refuse. People can help out or they can wonder why their mug is mouldy or the office stinks. Hey - the smelly office won't affect me.

Maybe I should stop showering too...that would teach them...


I'd like to add for the record that I have nothing against some of my colleagues. I like them a lot. My rant at payment is directed at higher management, and my rant at the lack of cleanliness is directed at a few of them. Who may or may not be asshats.

12th April 2012

So it was Easter at the weekend. The true meaning of which seems to be celebrated by few people these day.

Easter is all about Easter eggs to most. We don't do Easter Eggs. It's not a conscious decision we made - we just don't give each other eggs and we don't get them for anyone else. This might be different when we have kids but at the minute, I have no problem with the situation being as it is.

This is the first Easter Egg I have had in years. It was given to me by my colleague Natalie's 10 year old son, Thomas. Because between him and his two younger brothers they had over 30 Easter Eggs (yes, you read correct. Three Zero eggs) he decided to give his Caramel one to me.

He wasn't prompted in any way. I mentioned to him on the phone that I hadn't had one, and he decided to give me one of his.

Sometimes there is hope in the future of mankind. I just hope he doesn't lose that kind side to his nature.

I haven't opened it yet. As soon as I do it will be gone. Safer in the office!

However, these reduced to clear Thorntons Chocolate Fudge brownie bites were devoured in less than 5 minutes between Paul and I while watching an episode of Person of Interest, after a delicious meal of Lobscouse which Paul made while I was at the cinema last night.

In another unrelated topic - how cute is this jug?! I love it!

11th April 2012

Work sucks.

Work sucks more when you get asked to do a massive task and you don't have access to a short cut so have to go the exceptionally long way round and your computers are so slow you worry you might not finish til waaay after 5pm and then BAM! Your line manager decides to let you know he asked Dave from accounts to do it. Dave who is lovely but crazy mad busy. Dave who has access to the short cut and can do it in seconds.


Because he is in fact an AssHat.

ANYWAY. Worked sucked. But that just made the rest of the evening even more awesome!

Tonight we went to a free Cabin in the Woods screening! Created by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, who are fabulous. It's Whedonsday and we get to see a Whedon movie! Perfect!

No spoilers. But go see it. Don't go in expecting to be scares shitless. Go with an open mind and a happy heart. Yes, you will jump. Yes, it is scary. It's also fantastic!

Chris and I also found a giant ad for another Whedon movie coming out soon...

We felt the need to join in...

 Me: " Whedon, yeah?...what do you mean, you're called The Avengers?! Anyway, doesn't really matter what you're called; what's your policy on kicking some AssHat butt?! Yes, I know one...he lives over there. You're in? EXCELLENT..."

I think The Hulk likes me.

10th April 2012

Back to work. Great, huh?! Why is it that 4 day weeks always feel longer than 5 day weeks? This leads me to suspect that Monday isn't actually the 'longest' day in the week at all: Tuesday is. Boss was in and in a good mood. I had loads of work to do. All good!
Paul paid the deposit on our wedding today! Very happy! It's all official and everything! But now it gets real! Luckily for me I have plenty of time to make decisions and save to afford everything...

Speaking of saving, I got an official looking brown envelope through the post when I got home...why is the tax man writing to me?! Turns out, he wanted to give me some money back! Quite a nice little amount of money back! Yay! Thank you Mr. Tax man!

Always nice to get a surprise like this. Means that I can contribute more to the wedding than I already am...which isn't a lot...and can make the day even prettier, I hope! Yay!

9th April 2012

Easter Monday. Tis good. Another lazy day due to the extremely painful aches I have from Saturday's exercise! I now can barely walk!

My laziness was put to good use though. I read through our wedding information and we made the decision that we need more music at the wedding. I thought I'd make some enquiries as to how much string quartets would charge. Answer being not crazy amounts but not ridiculously cheap either. So it's an option. They have to be awesome though. Not just classical music for Give us Guns and Roses or Oasis on the cello and you're hired!

Today's photo is of our lunchtime treat. Something amazing that you can't eat often but when you do you're happy about it...

Fish finger sandwiches. GET IN! :-)

Monday, 9 April 2012

8th April 2012

Warning - this entry may have an image not suitable for public viewing.

Yes. There is pain. There as a whole world of pain. If you don't know why - read yesterday's entry. I can't walk down stairs without pain. I can't sit down and stand up without pain. Oddly I can iron without pain though. Which I did for a few hours while Paul was at the football. Yes, hours. I iron really slowly.

We have started watching Firefly again. If you haven't  watched it, do it. There are only 14 episodes. It stars the wonderful Nathan Fillion and is another creation by the genius that is Joss Whedon.

This is a trailer for the series. I don't know if it's official, and I doubt it is, but it will give you a taste for it's awesomeness. It's gorram shiny, that's what it is!

It also has a very catchy theme tune. You may not like it at first but you grow to love it. Promise. Anyone who doesn't is no friend of mine!

"I don't care, I'm still free- you can't take the sky from me!"

One of the episodes we watched tonight needed pausing while Paul sorted dinner. I paused here. Naked Fillion. It's a dirty rotten job to look at this while waiting for dinner...yep...tough luck...