Friday, 13 April 2012

12th April 2012

So it was Easter at the weekend. The true meaning of which seems to be celebrated by few people these day.

Easter is all about Easter eggs to most. We don't do Easter Eggs. It's not a conscious decision we made - we just don't give each other eggs and we don't get them for anyone else. This might be different when we have kids but at the minute, I have no problem with the situation being as it is.

This is the first Easter Egg I have had in years. It was given to me by my colleague Natalie's 10 year old son, Thomas. Because between him and his two younger brothers they had over 30 Easter Eggs (yes, you read correct. Three Zero eggs) he decided to give his Caramel one to me.

He wasn't prompted in any way. I mentioned to him on the phone that I hadn't had one, and he decided to give me one of his.

Sometimes there is hope in the future of mankind. I just hope he doesn't lose that kind side to his nature.

I haven't opened it yet. As soon as I do it will be gone. Safer in the office!

However, these reduced to clear Thorntons Chocolate Fudge brownie bites were devoured in less than 5 minutes between Paul and I while watching an episode of Person of Interest, after a delicious meal of Lobscouse which Paul made while I was at the cinema last night.

In another unrelated topic - how cute is this jug?! I love it!

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