Friday, 13 April 2012

13th April 2012

It's Friday the 13th. Again. We live with a black cat. He crosses my path (and gets under my feet) on a daily basis. So I can't be superstitious as otherwise I'd be doomed!

It would make sense that I am doomed today, as so many things that irritate me have happened. Here are just a few of them:

People using the last of the kitchen roll and not replacing it with a new one. Same applies to loo roll by the way. Why can't you just put a new one on it?! It's not hard. It's just lazy, that's what it is.

People taking staples out of paperwork then leaving the removed staples lying around. These were just on MY desk. Wasn't me who put them there, so it begs the questions: Why was someone other than me working at my desk and why can't they just put the staples in the bin THAT WAS DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH THAT BIT OF WOOD THAT THE STAPLES ARE SITTING ON?!

 Dirty dishes left in the sink. I know who left these dishes in the sink, and I also know that this person had left for the day, nay, the weekend so were never even intending on doing them at a later time. I am not your maid and I am not your mother. Why should I be left to do your washing up? If I don't do it, no-one will and I'm sorry but that's not an acceptable option, as it's me who'll get the "why hasn't the washing up been done" by the powers that be.

People that leave dirty cutlery on the worktops in the kitchen. Now I moved that knife (still covered in butter, note) from the surface into the sink before I thought about taking a picture. The surface had a butter smear on it. The sink then got one as well. SERIOUSLY?! How hard is it to put it in the sink? Ok, clearly very hard as a) they didn't do that, and b) they left the rest of the washing up as well...

This irritation is two-fold. Part 1 - People who don't crush their empty containers. I bought this milk carton. It was heavy and full. It's a 4 pinter I think so it's not small. When it's empty, it's full of air therefore taking up quite a lot of space in our small bin. Take the lid off and stand on it. That way it won't take up as much room, meaning that you won't have to empty the bin.

Part 2 - People who fill the bin but don't empty it and put a new bag in. Right - doing the bins isn't nice. I am told it can be a smelly job. Which is why it probably gets left to me, what with my lack of sense of smell. IT'S A TINY BIN. IT'S NOT HEAVY. You know what, it's Friday - you don't even need to take it outside as I'd do it on my way out of an evening. Just do the polite thing and empty the damn thing.

Sorry. I needed to get those off my chest. Every person in my office is a grown up. I am the youngest at 28. Yet when they come to work I think they believe that a little fairy will come and do all their chores that they must do at home, and make the office all spic and span. Well, no. There isn't. There's me. The office manager. Why should I have to clean up after you all? You want me to wipe your backsides as well for you?

As I found out today that we have to provide our own refreshment in our office, which is another task and expense which will no doubt fall on me, I quit. I do not get paid anywhere near enough to perform maid service as well as run the f*cking office. I begrudge paying for the milk every week but I do because I am a tea fiend. And also because I have my breakfast in the office. So if the milk is there, people use it. Why should I provide everything else as well? Well I'm not any more. I refuse. People can help out or they can wonder why their mug is mouldy or the office stinks. Hey - the smelly office won't affect me.

Maybe I should stop showering too...that would teach them...


I'd like to add for the record that I have nothing against some of my colleagues. I like them a lot. My rant at payment is directed at higher management, and my rant at the lack of cleanliness is directed at a few of them. Who may or may not be asshats.

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