Sunday, 22 April 2012

14th April 2012

Today was a little mental. Absolutely flew by!

I still have this horrible cold which doesn't seem to want to shift. I am, in fact, becoming a living germ!

Mum and Dad came over after going up to Blackburn, and they brought me an amazing gift back from my grandparents' house!

 I am in love with this teapot! I am collecting tea stuff for wedding decoration. And, before anyone starts: OUR THEME IS NOT FUCKING SHABBY CHIC. I hate that phrase. Yes, it would work with our venue. However, it is not our theme. Our theme is a secret and isn't really a theme at all to be fair - it's just something to work around!

So if any readers have some awesome old tea sets they'd like to donate - teapots, china cups, jugs etc, I'd gratefully receive them. However you'd probably need to be nearby as postage on fragile items would suck.


Mum and Dad also brought my another awesome gift from the house, but that really is a secret! I didn't want it at first, but I've changed my mind now...

So after Mum and Dad left, we watched some football, The Grand National was also on (what a weekend for sport in Merseyside!) and then we were at a bit of a loss for something to do.

Only one thing for it - we needed to leave the house, otherwise we would have gone to the off licence and bought lots of alcohol and got drunk in, on our own and I would end up passed out on the sofa, dribbling on which ever cat decided to make a bed of me!

So yeah, we went to the cinema. My second trip of the week - although I had to pay for this one!

We went to see The Hunger Games. We liked it! I read the books ages ago and Paul finished the first one yesterday. Casting was very good (although Peeta wasn't pretty enough. I'd pick Gale any day and not just because he's Thor's brother) and they got a lot of the book in there, which is rare for an adaptation! Haymitch isn't nearly drunk enough (but I heart Woody Harrelson, so it's ok!) and Lenny Kravitz was great too!

It was after 11 when we got back in, therefore perfectly acceptable to have a herbal tea and go to bed!

Wow - we really sound old, don't we?!

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