Sunday, 22 April 2012

15th April 2012

Sunday = day of rest, right? Well no. Not in our house, anyway!

Paul was supposed to go running this morning, but unfortunately his running partner had a family emergency, so they didn't go.

Paul then went over to Manchester to the match, so I was planning on epic relaxation time...then remembered I had ironing to do.

Didn't really have much to take pictures of, as I didn't do anything exciting, so here are some unflattering pictures of Barney, who insisted on showing his bellydots for most of the day! I love his belly dots! :-)

Please excuse the 'pile of crap' in the corner - we need a weekend of doing nothing to sort it out...not happening any time soon, sadly!

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  1. Interesting that the comment form wasn't visible in FireFox but it is in IE.

    When I read pile of crap in the corner my mind went to the second kitty in the photo and I had to say hey! the kitty isn't crap, but I looked a second time and saw the pile.. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if you hadn't mentioned it as I was so distracted by the ktyty.

    Forgive typos, Muffin is so totally on my way.