Sunday, 22 April 2012

17th April 2012

Thought I'd make an early start on everything today with work being so mental. I know I'm the only one who gives a sh*t sometimes as I do get mocked for all the hours I do. It just gives me ammunition if they ever accuse me of laziness!

It was a tough day though. Not assisted by Paul leaving his work laptop in Coventry. Luckily my Dad was 6 miles away so able to collect it so Paul can pick it up on his way to Bristol tomorrow.

Our favourite man with a butty van - The Bean Machine - gave me my lunch for free today. He's awesome! Cajun chicken salad and Leek & Potato soup.

All homemade at their main place on the Docks. It's bloomin fabulous! :-) If any of my Liverpool chums (or Salford or Manchester now I think about it) ever get the opportunity to go to 'Bean' or see the 'Bean Machine' then do.

That's not a sponsored link - he's just that awesome!

 Proof I ate it all!

Anyway, after Paul got back, we decided to treat ourselves to something delicious for after dinner...not that we ended up eating it! Instead we watched How I Met Your Mother and Castle, then went to sleep as we both had early starts Wednesday morning.

Proof that at nearly 29 I can still laugh because our iced buns look like boobs! I'll grow up one day...

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