Sunday, 22 April 2012

19th April 2012

Caroline = useless.

Two tiny hours sleep the cats allowed me. TWO.

Then it was back in to work at 6.45am. Yeah.

Surely it's not legal to be in the office at this hour? Also: how did I manage to get the picture taken at exactly 6:58:00?!
AssHat decided to live up to his name. Apparently I should be working harder for about no?! What he said actually made me cry. I know it was because I am tired as he wasn't particularly mean or anything but accusing me of not working hard enough when I have 2 jobs and have put in stupid amounts of hours over the last few months UNPAID OVERTIME...that just got to me.

So I put on my ipod, had a cup of tea and looked forward to going home as I got my Paul back. Getting Paul back after he's been away = awesome.

Plus I know that if he carries on being an AssHat to me, Paul will show him what he thinks about that. With his fists.

I don't condone violence for no reason. We have motive.

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