Sunday, 22 April 2012

20th April 2012

I am not over my annoyance of yesterday. AssHat went too far. I think he knows it too, as he barely said 2 words to me today.

I was in at 7am again...

Beanie Man supplied us with yet another epic feast today! We are the last stop on his round so any food that's going to go off is given away as he'd just throw it otherwise. He gives some to the homeless, but as they're quite scary in Liverpool, he buys our loyalty with free food instead.

It works - he's our favourite!

Oh, and a that overtime? Totally worth it! What I was doing paid off and was successful! Yay! As a thank you, my boss bought me a gift:

Just a shame I've had a terrible migraine all day and haven't been able to shift it. One is not amused.

Early night again, due to my head pain. Paul had been in London all day so he was shattered too. Bed+boy+babba= happy Caroline!

Babba knows when her Mum needs a cuddle. Just a shame the velvet on the sheets captures all the fur she's currently moulting!

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