Sunday, 22 April 2012

21st April 2012

Migraine still hasn't gone.

Paul is a superstar and got me my medicine, which helped.

New rant for today - why are dvds/Blu Rays of things you want to watch so flippin expensive? Are the industries actually that surprised that people download them on the internet?!

We want to watch both Iron Men, Thor and Captain America before going to see The Avengers next weekend. We wanted to buy them. We were not going to spend the ridiculous amounts of money a certain high street retailer us charging for them.

The films are £9.99 each on itunes. Maybe...

We have a movie rental facility on our digital tv box. None of them were on there...hmmm...

Anyway, the answer was there all along. Paul's Mum uses our laptop to keep up with the sport when they're away. They get movie channels with their package...

Thor is funny. We started falling asleep through Captain America.

Only problem with laptop viewing is that the screen is so small. NOT A PROBLEM IN OUR HOUSE!

A projector is not cheap. Mine is on long-term loan from my office. It's awesome! Even Barney thinks so! Only downside is you REALLY need a dark room to play it in. We don't have one of those do we have to wait for it to go dark outside!

Yes, those are Buffy video boxsets it is sitting on! They are perfect to make a stand out of! I knew I kept them for something!

Barney isn't impressed that the screen isn't clear enough yet! He wants to take on Thor, damnit!

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