Monday, 23 April 2012

22nd April 2012

It's Sunday. I usually iron. I didn't today. Instead I cleaned out the fridge, the litter trays, the bins, washed up...oh, and caught up on these blogs!

I didn't take pictures of any of the above as quite frankly, it was gross. If you want to see cat excrement and unexpected mould (seriously nearly vomited when I saw that...keep an eye on your fridge drain people!) then you're in the wrong place.

Instead here are pics of my beautiful kitties just being gorgeous! You'd all much rather look at these than the ick I've seen today!

The beautiful Maia, lying in the sunshine! It makes me melt into a million pieces when I see cats cover their eyes when they sleep! She was snoring/dreaming too! If you've never heard a cat do this, they make an odd squeaky cute!

GINGER BELLY! She's so cute! I could just eat her! But then I'd miss I won't. I'll just 'huff' the belly instead. For those of you who aren't familiar with kitten 'huffing', see this instruction guide here. Also, if you like cute teeny tiny kittens, follow Connie's blog, as her kitten fosters are just GORGEOUS!

Paul went to the football again, leaving me alone with these beasts. They clearly miss him, as took turns to snuggle up to his joggers! Yes, these kitties love nothing more that to fall asleep on Paul's leisure wear! At all points today there was at least one cat cuddling up here!

I tried to take a picture of Barney giving Maia a wash, but he decided he didn't want to let me. Instead, he's protectively cuddling the jogging bottoms! Note his red claws are still attached! Which is good as he REALLY doesn't attaching day! :)

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  1. :) Thanks for the link.

    I too love it when cats cover their eyes to sleep in the sun.