Friday, 27 April 2012

25th April 2012

If you want someone to answer your calls, hire a secretary. Or get an answer machine. Don't just presume I will do it for you. Just a disclaimer.

So, it's Whedonsday. Which is awesome. Apart from that there was a beer shortage scare. Luckily Chris fixed it and all was well. The episodes were a little depressing...apart from Robot Gal, but death & sadness. Luckily there was foamy beer, lamb meatballs and chocolate cheesecake. They helped.

And as we're poor and saving for a wedding, it was all by candlelight! Spooky!


  1. Currently we are watching Season 5 of Buffy with season 2 Angel. When we get to the end of Buffy and Angel, we'll watch Firefly & Serenity, then Dollhouse then all the movies we can get that Mr. Whedon has been involved in. it's a geek celebration and we love it! :-)

  2. aaah.. it is a personal celebration, not something that is currently on TV over there. Gotcha. Sounds like a great time :)

  3. Hey, lookie what I just came across..

    Ever wonder which Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes Joss Whedon loves most? Well, Logo’s about to solve that mystery.

    The cabler will spend Saturday, May 19 (beginning at 10 am) airing the Sunnydale creator’s Top 10 favorite installments, which include the game-changing “Innocence,” the music-tinged “Once More With Feeling,” the Emmy-nominated “Hush,” the harrowing “The Body,” the heartbreaking “Becoming Part II” and the first season finale, “Prophecy Girl.”

    Rounding out Whedon’s picks are “Doppelgangland,” “The Wish,” “Restless” and “Conversations with Dead People.” Did your faves make the cut?