Saturday, 28 April 2012

26th April 2012

I might have been a bit of a cranky pants today. I offer no apology. Apparently my colleagues, in conjunction with their inability to answer the phones also have no idea how washing up liquid and sponges work. Leaving your dishes piled up in the sink doesn't make the washing up fairy come along and do it all for you. No, it sits there. Taking up space in the sink. Probably attracting ants and other bugs. I think people presume I'll do it. No. No I won't. I manage the office, I am not the office skivvy as well.

Gah, these people piss me off sometimes.

What better way to feel better after a day of being walked over than watching a movie about violence (kinda) on blu ray?

We watched Red. I think we enjoyed it! Harmless fun, and Dame Helen Mirren kicking ass. Yes, it helped.

Ah well. Early night needed as tomorrow may be mental for both of us. TFI Friday tomorrow.

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