Saturday, 28 April 2012

27th April 2012

Also known as my work birthday!

Things I have learnt:
- my colleagues don't listen to me.
- my colleagues do know that the sink isn't just a storage facility for dirty dishes.
- my colleagues think for some wacky reason that I am pregnant!


So I got in and told James that I felt a bit icky this morning (probably not helping myself here, am I?!). Literally 2 minutes later, him and Nat come down the corridor with a stodgy chocolate cake. I promptly threw up a little in my mouth. Clearly not listening.

I made a wish. I bloody hope it comes true.

I went to answer the door as no one else could be bothered. Flower delivery. Big bunch of mixed flowers. For me. Yes, they're very pretty, and look lovely. HOWEVER, I said the other day that I can't really have flowers in my house as the cats see it as their personal mission to eat, play with and destroy pretty arrangements. NOT LISTENING. Plus anyone who knows anything about me knows I love my kitties and don't want them to die. WHY GIVE ME A BOUQUET WITH MASSIVE LILIES IN IT THAT ARE POISONOUS TO CATS?! This fact has been mentioned by me MANY times. Everyone in my office has cats or has had a cat in the past. Do they not know this anyway? NOT LISTENING!

Maia makes her acquaintence with the bouquet. Sans lilies, of course. They were there less than 5 minutes before she went for a chew.
 They gave me more presents later but I haven't opened them as it's not by birthday til Sunday.

I had to pop out on a mission for my boss. I was gone about an hour. When I came back, the dishes were done! Yay! It's a birthday-eve-eve miracle! BUT NOT THE CUTLERY. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. I might have ranted about this a couple of weeks ago so don't want to repeat myself!

So yeah. My colleagues think I'm pregnant. I have no idea why they think this. I THINK it's because I've started drinking more herbal tea (better for you) and I've been quiet recently. The reason I've been quiet is because I've been working and they haven't and also BECAUSE THE WASHING UP IS STILL IN THE SINK. I haven't put on weight, I'm eating less, this morning was the only time I've felt sick, I'm generally a cranky bitch anyway...where did this baby idea come from?! For those of you that haven't picked up on it: Paul and I are getting married next year. We have a wedding to pay for. Babies are expensive. I have no desire to be a mother yet. For many reasons.

I hope they stop saying things like that. It's not true and while I don't let them wind me up, it's rather irritating.

Readers: I am not pregnant and have no desire to be in the near future.

I'd be a kitten mum again...but I'm not allowed. I'm sad.

Anyway. After a loooooooong day of NOT BEING PREGNANT, I came home to find cards and an amazon gift on the floor...exciting! It's going to be an awesome weekend!

Paul came home, with wine *see how not pregnant I am?! I drink alcohol and I like it!* and we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides. I fell asleep and missed the end. Oops. Bedtime for Cagga!
I love our Sky Movies discovery! :) Also please bow down and worship my digital photoframe, complete with Samwise Gamgee explaining to Smeagol what taters are. Yes, I am that much of a nerd!
Tomorrow is going to be the most fun day ever! We are going to see The Avengers (sod calling it whatever the BBFC thinks the UK needs to call it. It's the Avengers, k?) with some of my favourite people in the world ever! It's going to be sooooo much fun! Or at least it best be, ok?

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