Friday, 13 April 2012

9th April 2012

Easter Monday. Tis good. Another lazy day due to the extremely painful aches I have from Saturday's exercise! I now can barely walk!

My laziness was put to good use though. I read through our wedding information and we made the decision that we need more music at the wedding. I thought I'd make some enquiries as to how much string quartets would charge. Answer being not crazy amounts but not ridiculously cheap either. So it's an option. They have to be awesome though. Not just classical music for Give us Guns and Roses or Oasis on the cello and you're hired!

Today's photo is of our lunchtime treat. Something amazing that you can't eat often but when you do you're happy about it...

Fish finger sandwiches. GET IN! :-)

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  1. Guns and Roses on the cello, now that sounds like an interesting wedding!! :) and did you have custard with those fish fingers?