Friday, 25 May 2012

20th May 2012

Early start for us today! We had church to get to!

Off we popped to All Hallows Church for my boss's grandson's christening. Well at least it's not Deathly Hallows church...although I didn't check for horcruxes...

No screaming kids when baptised, which was a bit disappointing!

Lovely day had with the boss's family. He kept bringing me glasses of sparkling wine which were very nice, but I had no plans to get sozzled THIS time...unlike last time I went to a boss's family christening...


We got home at about 4, chilled out and watched National Treasure! Always fun!

19th May 2012

Last night's migraine / cluster headache sucked big time. It also buggered everything up for me today. Did not feel like doing anything. I kept feeling niggly pain in my head every so often so I was scared it was going to come back.

We ventured out and bought a printer this morning. Like you do! Will be useful with the wedding approaching far quicker than I'm comfortable with!

After that I still couldn't settle. Paul watched football and I messed about on the internet, taking frequent breaks from the screen due to headache. These headaches suck. Have I mentioned that?

Paul treated himself to one of his favourite beers - Cain's Double Bock, while I didn't help myself one bit and devoured a large quantity of maltesers. Bloody love Maltesers!


Anyone else suck maltesers, rather than chew them? Please don't say I'm the only one...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

18th May 2012

Everyone send get well vibes to my colleague Natalie's little boy Jacob again. He has such a severe infection at the back of his throat that his tonsils are covered in pus, his throat is red raw and thus he's not eating a bite or drinking a drop, which has severely dehydrated him. He's on a drip now so hoping improvement will come soon.

I think I used all my positivity and good vibes on Jacob, as since I left work I have come down with one of my severe cluster headaches, which in turn triggered a migraine. Hideous horrendous pain. In bed from 6 and didn't get out again.

Variety of drugs were taken and somewhere along the line, one of them helped as I woke up at 11:30pm and was relatively pain free. The paella that Paul made for dinner probably helped too!

I was then joined by this little rascal, who didn't want her picture taken but as I hadn't taken one today and it was nearing midnight, it had to be done!

Do NOT take mah picture at this hour, mamma!

This face cannot fail to make me feel better!

17th May 2012

It's Thursday...Thorsday...Thursday.

Paul came in VERY late last night and a little merry. It was difficult to get up this morning!

My treat today was my lunch hour with the lovely Dave! (@davvomacca on twitter) who I don't see nearly enough. Especially as he works less than 5 minutes away from me.

Guinnes for Dave and a red wine for me. Rebelling on a lunch time. :D

I was in a good mood when I got back so naturally everyone thought I was tipsy. Seriously. One one glass of wine?! Still, better that than pregnant I suppose! :-)

Paul got home, we had chicken, watched more Community (shut up) then had an early night. Paul was asleep before 9pm! Tired baby! To be fair, I don't  think I was far behind him!

16th May 2012

Blah Blah went to work Blah Blah was bored Blah Blah came home.
That's where the boredom stopped however, as Chris (@thiscrs) came round, we had pasta, watched an ep of Community (so he'd get obsessed too) then headed to the cinema to celebrate this week's #Whedonsday.

It was about time we had a #Whedonsday excursion to watch Marvel's Avengers Assemble! Or, you know, The Avengers. Because not all brits would get Hulk confused with John Steed from the 1998 movie of the same name. we are again!

Woah, how did THOSE get inside my handbag. Crazy reckless rebel that I am!

Chris and I eagerly awaiting the start of the movie. Honest. We're in this picture. You can see the screen reflected in our glasses

Second time for Chris, third for me, and by golly do I enjoy it! I wish it were out on bluray already! :-)

...yeah yeah...any excuse to watch the trailer again...

15th May 2012

Another dull Tuesday. Discovered that an old friend of mine was in Manchester but I couldn't get over to see her today. Which sucks.

I managed to clear a backlog of work on my desk though, which was very good of me. I enjoy a good productive work day.

Had to wait a while for Paul to get home, which always sucks, and it was made even worse by there not being any 'Don't Tell The Bride' on iPlayer. Gutted. Ended up watching three episodes of 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'.

The dress shop featured on there has been in my blog before, and I used to live literally down the road from it.

At least I know what style wedding dress I DON'T want, right?!

14th May 2012

Monday. Paul was working from home due to dentist requirements so I sat in work with no desire to be there. The good bit was that we got to watch the Once Upon a Time finale. Twas good!

To make things more interesting, a sugar rush was required in the afternoon to perk us up! I participated in some 'Randoms', and as Random is a favourite word of mine. One word review: Meh. Not very random at all.


13th May 2012

It's Sunday. I ache from running. While I know it's good pain, I still feel I have licence to moan and feel sorry for myself!

A typical Sunday morning in the Hartley-Kirkham household generally commences with a brew or two in bed.

Then the laptops are out and we catch up with news/social media/games etc. We are usually joined by Maia and sometimes Barney as well!

Yes, Maia always looks adorable under the laptop tray. She wants me to pay attention to her and not PostSecret or one of the numerous wedding blogs I follow!

Then Paul will watch sports and I will iron. I hate ironing.

That's pretty much how today went! After I finished ironing, Paul had made dinner and we watched more Community. Yes. We're obsessed. Any harm in that?

Dindins tonight was a break from the norm! We had Funky Chicken with Sesame noodles! Mmm.

How funky is your chicken, spinach, asparagus and sesame noodle dinner, huh?!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

12th May 2012

We ran. Liverpool Princes Park ParkRun. It was bloody hard. It hurt. Nearly fainted. Wanted to quit. Didn't.

After coming home, eating, showering etc I decided I wanted to clean the living room. Didn't realise how dusty it got!

Mum and Dad came to visit. It was a lovely sunny day. So instead of being social and playful, Maia spent the entire visit behind the tv, in her favourite sunspot on the window.

Sleepy Maia!

Happy Maia in the sunshine!

After Mum & Dad left, I summoned enough strength to tidy the dvds. But that's not good enough. We have so many, and the geek shelves are 3 dvds deep. Yep, time to uber-geek out and alphabetise then prioritise!

A rather diverse collection, I'm sure you'll agree. Some great. Some terrible.
Didn't take very long, and now my geek shelves look shiny and awesome again! Yay!

Top shelf: Whedon goodness; Second shelf: Complete tv boxsets; Third shelf: Harry Potter shelf; Fourth shelf: Tolkien stuff (aka my happy place); Fifth, Sixth & Seventh shelves: dvds & indiviual season boxsets. I love my geek shelves!

My father in law to be made these shelves from scratch just over a year ago, and fitted them perfectly into the alcoves around my fireplace. Aren't they fab?!

We settled down to watch Cold Mountain, and after a slow start, actually enjoyed it! Then we finished season 1 of Community. Yes, in 4 days. I'm not ashamed of it! The paintball ep, possibly our favourite so far!

Oh, and my run results came in! Ridiculously late. Over 12 hours after the run finished. Was not a happy bunny with how long they took to come through, but made up with my time!

I came 117th out of 126. I'm quite pleased with that. 29 seconds off my personal best, but I was in pain and nearly fainted, damn it! I'm quite pleased! Will try again next week!

I need to find Community season 2 now. I don't think we can not watch it!

11th May 2012

I had a bad night's sleep. I had bad dreams. In both of them I died. In one I fell off the very top of the Empire State Building. In the other, I was in a plane crash at sea. So I now have a fear of heights and flying. Thanks, subconscious.

I got to work to discover that my colleague, who was off on holiday had got up to discover that all 4 of her tyres had been slashed in the night. She thinks it's something to do with her ex's girlfriend who keeps threatening her that she'll 'set her sisters on her'. Which is lovely.

The most eventful thing that happened today was at lunch time. I've raved about the fabulous Beanie Man before. Well business must have been bad today, as we went out for 2 paninis and came back with enough food to feed the whole office and next door! Free. Seriously. I feel guilty taking it but he said he'll only throw it away otherwise. Wow.

James's stash of free food from Mr. Beanie Man!

My free food. For some reason I ended up with less than James. Not a big deal. Less food to waste!

Another quiet evening in, watching more Community (it's addictive in only the way 20 minute long tv shows can be) and then went to bed. As we plan on running in the morning. Maybe.

10th May 2012

Another yawn-filled day. Don't you just hate those! Work was busy and I think we were all happy when hometime came!
Tonight we watched even more Community, while eating leftover King Kong curry from last night. It's officially called something like Hong Kong style Pork Curry...but there's no fun in that!

It's a Madhur Jaffry recipe. Google it. It's amazing. is when Paul cooks it! I can't comment on anyone else's version!

For pudding we devoured this Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It's amazing. Get some. Only your waistline will regret it! :-)

9th May 2012

Back to work today. So my Wednesday felt like a Monday, even though Monday was a bank holiday so technically Monday was on a Tuesday this week...

So I get into work and I'm greeted by a sink full of washing up. Which puts me in an instant bad mood! Once people arrived I was also given grief for not leaving any petty cash for milk. Well as we only started our kitty last month to buy milk etc, and prior to this I PAID FOR IT ALL OUT OF MY OWN POCKET, I figured that they would be able to survive for one day. They bought some. I haven't reimbursed them. Deal with it.

Seriously - do these people have maids at home?! How hard is it to wash a cup or a bowl after using it?! My poor old Whitards mug is getting mistreated by it's new user. Might have to find an excuse for it to come home...

After what seemed like the most eternally long day in the office, I was glad to get home. There was no official Whedonsday today as Chris needed to get his ass to the cinema to FINALLY watch The Avengers for Jacqui (@jacquichan88)'s birthday.

So I got my fix of Don't Tell The Bride, both UK and US versions, then we were stuck for something to watch. Lucky for us, Virgin has box sets available for just these times. And do we thought we'd start something new. We started watching Community. Loads of MY twitter friends told us how good it is and to stick with it. We weren't convinced after 1 ep. After 5 we were! :-) Love this show!
If you haven't seen it. Try it. Give it 4 eps...if you don't like it then...well...give it 4 more! :-)

HOPEFULLY above is the trailer for the season 1 dvd. Which, even though we've seen it, we will probably buy.

Friday, 11 May 2012

8th May 2012

Sofa beds and tall chaps don't go together well. Which we discovered last night when there wasn't really any room for me! So glad it was only for one night, rather than 3 like was originally planned!

Still, we got to get up and play with a far more obliging Chuckles today! Yay! Plus Sophie moaned enough to get to go outside! Seriously, that girl has a voice on her!

Charlie shows off his beard and nose freckle! SO CUTE!

Sophie makes herself at home in Mum's garden! She doesn't usually look at the camera, so I am very privileged to get this picture!
After a light breakfast and the finale ep of Castle (loved it) Paul and I ventured into Lichfield to get a few bits and bobs. That didn't take long, so we popped into a nice historic old building, The Tudor Cafe, for a brew. You know it's a top-notch establishment when it's real tea in the tea pot, and not tea bags. Although my only complaint was that we asked for tea for two and there were only 3 1/2 cups in there!

Wooden walls and an uneven floor. Yup, it's an old building!
Nice little selection of cakes!
Real tea! Just a shame that the tea in my cup is all that was left! :( And I think I saw the Grim in my tea leaves. :(

I had for visit the dentist for a check up while we visited, so Paul went food shopping while I was being fashionably late for my appointment! I walked up to meet Paul afterwards and saw this sculpture by Tesco carpark.

It's called The Formation of Poetry, and it's something to do with the dude who wrote the first english dictionary, Dr Johnson, who was born in Lichfield. As you can't escape from knowing about if you've ever been here! 

Once that was done, we headed back up north to get the kitties and come home! Maia and Barney didn't miss us one bit, and were not overly impressed at being brought back to the little house!
Steak dinner, Hawaii Five-0 then bed ready for work tomorrow...perfect!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

7th May 2012

So today we travel down to visit my parents!

It's also my sister-in-law's birthday! Even though we didn't see her. Happy birthday, Ambel!

Our epic adventure was delayed, however, by the most unforeseen circumstance we could 9.30am, Paul's Dad decided to wash our car for us. While it's a nice gesture, we had planned on leaving a little earlier than we were now able to.

We still made it down in time, as we had a reservation at The Pear Tree Crêperie to get to and there was no way I was missing that!

It's a long-standing tradition to have Orangina with crepes. The red wine is just a bonus! :)

I forgot to take pictures of the food. I just couldn't wait to eat it! :-)

Once we got back home, Paul had a nap while I played with the cats! Remember Sophie and Charlie? Remind yourselves here and here! I haven't seen them since January and LOOK HOW BIG CHARLIE IS NOW!!

The gorgeous Chuckles, so much bigger than last time I saw him...yet still smaller than Barney!

Spohie. Still in the same box she's always claimed!
They're so good. Sophie is a little love! She won't cuddle you but she'll let you fuss over her non stop! Charlie is a bit of a wuss but he's also very funny! He too likes a fuss but I didn't get a lap cat this time. :-(

Mummy Sophie snoozes as Charlie checks out his snacks. He wouldn't look at the camera - I guess the food was too appealing!

Once Paul woke up, I decided we needed some fresh air, so I took him to The George & Dragon, which is a local pub. We did some impromptu wedding planning, and then were a little surprised by one of the other patrons...

Paul + Pint = Happy Paul
The Devil, enjoying a pint and a sweet chilli wrap. He was quite a nice fellow, actually...
 After a few drinks, we headed home to put to my parents the decisions we had made. Some were celebrated, some met with a "...right..." which we didn't let deter us! Just because you've not heard of it at a wedding before, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done, right?!
Oh, I got to mourn the loss of Ghali, my fish, from a few weeks ago. Boutros Boutros looks so lonely in that big ol' tank by himself...

Pretty little fishy!

6th May 2012

Bloomin' cats. Typical when you really fancy a good long sleep and they party all night. They haven't been that bad in a long time. *narky face*

We had to take the kitty cats over to Manchester today, along with ourselves as we were spending time away from home, and they do love it at Paul's parents' house.

They don't half make packing difficult though!

Bloody hard work getting him out of here, you know! Who needs clothes for a weekend away when you have a Barney?!

Once in Manchester, the cats wasted no time in making themselves at home.

Barney is guarding Paul's eclectic cd collection from around 10-15 years ago

Maia's favourite sleeping place here is on top of the Rohan box. That's ma girl!

Paul and his Mum went to the football and Paul's Dad did some gardening. I was at a loose end so decided to do a test run of a DIY craft idea for the wedding.

I am not posting a pic on here because at least 5 of my readers are coming to the wedding and I want it to be a surprise! I thought they turned out a bit shit but I have since shown a few people, including my "that's...interesting" Mum, and they really like it! So...yay?!

When Paul and Mum got back, we had a chinese takeaway and watched some nature programme. Which was all going well until I spilt red wine on the in-laws white leather chair. OOPS.

Luckily for me, Paul's Dad had done the same a couple of years back and they found a stain remover. Due to our quick response, you'd never know I'd been so clumsy!

Might ask them to bring a bottle to the wedding...just in case someone gets over-enthusiastic with their red wine when by my wedding dress...

5th May 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have no idea what that is...and could probably Google it, but that requires effort and I have no energy! Whoop! 

We woke this morning with a resolve to do something awesome. The decision we made: to see The Avengers again! Yes, it was that awesome!

Firstly though, there were domestic matters to take care of. Washing, ironing and clearing up being of utmost importance!

After we were good and tidy and all the boring stuff was done, we headed into town, bought some bits and bobs then realised we'd finished shopping far too early. "Let's go for a drink" we decided. Then we remembered that it's FA Cup Final day...and Liverpool were playing Chelsea. We went to one of our favourite pubs in Liverpool - Thomas Rigby's - and sure enough, it was rammed. There's a pub directly behind it though, called Lady of Mann, which was a little less full, but as it was full of crazy football fans, we decided to sit outside. Which, for a short time gave us the best seats in the house! :-)

We had a cracking view of the screen...until that bald dude stood there. Scumbag.

Then it was dinner time. Off to Las Iguanas for some Latin American cuisine...and cocktails...

Cherry Fizz. No idea what's in it but it's bloody delicious!

Some nachos to start, followed by "Churrasco Fiasco" for Paul, and "Gringas" for me. Delish!

Churrasco Fiasco. VERY yummy.
My Gringas. That is a lot of red onion. I love it all. Ate every morsel. MMM!

Time for cinema!

The Avengers Assembled in Imax 3D this time, which meant we had to wear some even more attractive eye wear! They STILL don't fit over normal glasses properly though. Can someone sort that out please?!

Oh yeah...I'm a total babe!
Paul said it was ok for me to post this at the time. I hope he still feels the same... :)

Fantastic afternoon out. I'm glad Paul and I still have days like this where we are just happy to be in each others' company. Bodes well for the future, right?! :-)

Friday, 4 May 2012

4th May 2012

Happy Star Trek Day! *

Friday in work! The longest Friday in work! Or at least that's how it felt!

Was going to go to the gym, but severe lung ache from yesterday really didn't inspire me to go! Instead I exercised at home, which is better than nothing, right?!

So, during my long day at work, I took my bi-weekly delivery of organic vegetables. I came across this bad boy. Anyone recognise it?! They don't give you a list to say what stuff is!

Paul pulled up at work literally as I was walking out the door! Perfect timing! We went straight to Asda to find inspiration for dinner. Instead of inspiration, we saw a guy get grabbed and escorted from the building and asked to leave now and never come back. He didn't want to and started kicking off. In front of his 3 (ish) year old daughter. She was bawling her eyes out as she didn't know what was going on. Poor little lamb. We have no idea what happened either but I couldn't help but feel for her.

I got my dirty pizza though.

Our entertainment for this evening: Blade Trinity. It might have been slated but Hannibal King gas some if cinema's greatest lines in this movie! :-)

*yeah, I know. Star Wars. Whatever. Neither are as good as Firefly!