Sunday, 13 May 2012

11th May 2012

I had a bad night's sleep. I had bad dreams. In both of them I died. In one I fell off the very top of the Empire State Building. In the other, I was in a plane crash at sea. So I now have a fear of heights and flying. Thanks, subconscious.

I got to work to discover that my colleague, who was off on holiday had got up to discover that all 4 of her tyres had been slashed in the night. She thinks it's something to do with her ex's girlfriend who keeps threatening her that she'll 'set her sisters on her'. Which is lovely.

The most eventful thing that happened today was at lunch time. I've raved about the fabulous Beanie Man before. Well business must have been bad today, as we went out for 2 paninis and came back with enough food to feed the whole office and next door! Free. Seriously. I feel guilty taking it but he said he'll only throw it away otherwise. Wow.

James's stash of free food from Mr. Beanie Man!

My free food. For some reason I ended up with less than James. Not a big deal. Less food to waste!

Another quiet evening in, watching more Community (it's addictive in only the way 20 minute long tv shows can be) and then went to bed. As we plan on running in the morning. Maybe.

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