Sunday, 13 May 2012

12th May 2012

We ran. Liverpool Princes Park ParkRun. It was bloody hard. It hurt. Nearly fainted. Wanted to quit. Didn't.

After coming home, eating, showering etc I decided I wanted to clean the living room. Didn't realise how dusty it got!

Mum and Dad came to visit. It was a lovely sunny day. So instead of being social and playful, Maia spent the entire visit behind the tv, in her favourite sunspot on the window.

Sleepy Maia!

Happy Maia in the sunshine!

After Mum & Dad left, I summoned enough strength to tidy the dvds. But that's not good enough. We have so many, and the geek shelves are 3 dvds deep. Yep, time to uber-geek out and alphabetise then prioritise!

A rather diverse collection, I'm sure you'll agree. Some great. Some terrible.
Didn't take very long, and now my geek shelves look shiny and awesome again! Yay!

Top shelf: Whedon goodness; Second shelf: Complete tv boxsets; Third shelf: Harry Potter shelf; Fourth shelf: Tolkien stuff (aka my happy place); Fifth, Sixth & Seventh shelves: dvds & indiviual season boxsets. I love my geek shelves!

My father in law to be made these shelves from scratch just over a year ago, and fitted them perfectly into the alcoves around my fireplace. Aren't they fab?!

We settled down to watch Cold Mountain, and after a slow start, actually enjoyed it! Then we finished season 1 of Community. Yes, in 4 days. I'm not ashamed of it! The paintball ep, possibly our favourite so far!

Oh, and my run results came in! Ridiculously late. Over 12 hours after the run finished. Was not a happy bunny with how long they took to come through, but made up with my time!

I came 117th out of 126. I'm quite pleased with that. 29 seconds off my personal best, but I was in pain and nearly fainted, damn it! I'm quite pleased! Will try again next week!

I need to find Community season 2 now. I don't think we can not watch it!

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