Saturday, 19 May 2012

13th May 2012

It's Sunday. I ache from running. While I know it's good pain, I still feel I have licence to moan and feel sorry for myself!

A typical Sunday morning in the Hartley-Kirkham household generally commences with a brew or two in bed.

Then the laptops are out and we catch up with news/social media/games etc. We are usually joined by Maia and sometimes Barney as well!

Yes, Maia always looks adorable under the laptop tray. She wants me to pay attention to her and not PostSecret or one of the numerous wedding blogs I follow!

Then Paul will watch sports and I will iron. I hate ironing.

That's pretty much how today went! After I finished ironing, Paul had made dinner and we watched more Community. Yes. We're obsessed. Any harm in that?

Dindins tonight was a break from the norm! We had Funky Chicken with Sesame noodles! Mmm.

How funky is your chicken, spinach, asparagus and sesame noodle dinner, huh?!

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