Saturday, 19 May 2012

18th May 2012

Everyone send get well vibes to my colleague Natalie's little boy Jacob again. He has such a severe infection at the back of his throat that his tonsils are covered in pus, his throat is red raw and thus he's not eating a bite or drinking a drop, which has severely dehydrated him. He's on a drip now so hoping improvement will come soon.

I think I used all my positivity and good vibes on Jacob, as since I left work I have come down with one of my severe cluster headaches, which in turn triggered a migraine. Hideous horrendous pain. In bed from 6 and didn't get out again.

Variety of drugs were taken and somewhere along the line, one of them helped as I woke up at 11:30pm and was relatively pain free. The paella that Paul made for dinner probably helped too!

I was then joined by this little rascal, who didn't want her picture taken but as I hadn't taken one today and it was nearing midnight, it had to be done!

Do NOT take mah picture at this hour, mamma!

This face cannot fail to make me feel better!

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