Friday, 25 May 2012

19th May 2012

Last night's migraine / cluster headache sucked big time. It also buggered everything up for me today. Did not feel like doing anything. I kept feeling niggly pain in my head every so often so I was scared it was going to come back.

We ventured out and bought a printer this morning. Like you do! Will be useful with the wedding approaching far quicker than I'm comfortable with!

After that I still couldn't settle. Paul watched football and I messed about on the internet, taking frequent breaks from the screen due to headache. These headaches suck. Have I mentioned that?

Paul treated himself to one of his favourite beers - Cain's Double Bock, while I didn't help myself one bit and devoured a large quantity of maltesers. Bloody love Maltesers!


Anyone else suck maltesers, rather than chew them? Please don't say I'm the only one...

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