Thursday, 10 May 2012

5th May 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have no idea what that is...and could probably Google it, but that requires effort and I have no energy! Whoop! 

We woke this morning with a resolve to do something awesome. The decision we made: to see The Avengers again! Yes, it was that awesome!

Firstly though, there were domestic matters to take care of. Washing, ironing and clearing up being of utmost importance!

After we were good and tidy and all the boring stuff was done, we headed into town, bought some bits and bobs then realised we'd finished shopping far too early. "Let's go for a drink" we decided. Then we remembered that it's FA Cup Final day...and Liverpool were playing Chelsea. We went to one of our favourite pubs in Liverpool - Thomas Rigby's - and sure enough, it was rammed. There's a pub directly behind it though, called Lady of Mann, which was a little less full, but as it was full of crazy football fans, we decided to sit outside. Which, for a short time gave us the best seats in the house! :-)

We had a cracking view of the screen...until that bald dude stood there. Scumbag.

Then it was dinner time. Off to Las Iguanas for some Latin American cuisine...and cocktails...

Cherry Fizz. No idea what's in it but it's bloody delicious!

Some nachos to start, followed by "Churrasco Fiasco" for Paul, and "Gringas" for me. Delish!

Churrasco Fiasco. VERY yummy.
My Gringas. That is a lot of red onion. I love it all. Ate every morsel. MMM!

Time for cinema!

The Avengers Assembled in Imax 3D this time, which meant we had to wear some even more attractive eye wear! They STILL don't fit over normal glasses properly though. Can someone sort that out please?!

Oh yeah...I'm a total babe!
Paul said it was ok for me to post this at the time. I hope he still feels the same... :)

Fantastic afternoon out. I'm glad Paul and I still have days like this where we are just happy to be in each others' company. Bodes well for the future, right?! :-)


  1. Cinco de Mayo.. is Spanish and literately translates to fifth of May. It is like the Fourth of July in the US, except it is in celebration of a battle won, not an actual independence day.

    and those glasses.. wow. We have smaller ones here and they are a bear to wear over regular glasses. Unfortunately I'm one of the people that 3D movies give me a massive headache.. (although it probably is fortunate as it saves us a lot of money)

  2. I saw this tweet and thought of you for some reason..

    Damage in The #Avengers Would Total $160 Billion in Real Life : Discovery Channel