Thursday, 10 May 2012

7th May 2012

So today we travel down to visit my parents!

It's also my sister-in-law's birthday! Even though we didn't see her. Happy birthday, Ambel!

Our epic adventure was delayed, however, by the most unforeseen circumstance we could 9.30am, Paul's Dad decided to wash our car for us. While it's a nice gesture, we had planned on leaving a little earlier than we were now able to.

We still made it down in time, as we had a reservation at The Pear Tree Crêperie to get to and there was no way I was missing that!

It's a long-standing tradition to have Orangina with crepes. The red wine is just a bonus! :)

I forgot to take pictures of the food. I just couldn't wait to eat it! :-)

Once we got back home, Paul had a nap while I played with the cats! Remember Sophie and Charlie? Remind yourselves here and here! I haven't seen them since January and LOOK HOW BIG CHARLIE IS NOW!!

The gorgeous Chuckles, so much bigger than last time I saw him...yet still smaller than Barney!

Spohie. Still in the same box she's always claimed!
They're so good. Sophie is a little love! She won't cuddle you but she'll let you fuss over her non stop! Charlie is a bit of a wuss but he's also very funny! He too likes a fuss but I didn't get a lap cat this time. :-(

Mummy Sophie snoozes as Charlie checks out his snacks. He wouldn't look at the camera - I guess the food was too appealing!

Once Paul woke up, I decided we needed some fresh air, so I took him to The George & Dragon, which is a local pub. We did some impromptu wedding planning, and then were a little surprised by one of the other patrons...

Paul + Pint = Happy Paul
The Devil, enjoying a pint and a sweet chilli wrap. He was quite a nice fellow, actually...
 After a few drinks, we headed home to put to my parents the decisions we had made. Some were celebrated, some met with a "...right..." which we didn't let deter us! Just because you've not heard of it at a wedding before, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done, right?!
Oh, I got to mourn the loss of Ghali, my fish, from a few weeks ago. Boutros Boutros looks so lonely in that big ol' tank by himself...

Pretty little fishy!

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