Friday, 11 May 2012

8th May 2012

Sofa beds and tall chaps don't go together well. Which we discovered last night when there wasn't really any room for me! So glad it was only for one night, rather than 3 like was originally planned!

Still, we got to get up and play with a far more obliging Chuckles today! Yay! Plus Sophie moaned enough to get to go outside! Seriously, that girl has a voice on her!

Charlie shows off his beard and nose freckle! SO CUTE!

Sophie makes herself at home in Mum's garden! She doesn't usually look at the camera, so I am very privileged to get this picture!
After a light breakfast and the finale ep of Castle (loved it) Paul and I ventured into Lichfield to get a few bits and bobs. That didn't take long, so we popped into a nice historic old building, The Tudor Cafe, for a brew. You know it's a top-notch establishment when it's real tea in the tea pot, and not tea bags. Although my only complaint was that we asked for tea for two and there were only 3 1/2 cups in there!

Wooden walls and an uneven floor. Yup, it's an old building!
Nice little selection of cakes!
Real tea! Just a shame that the tea in my cup is all that was left! :( And I think I saw the Grim in my tea leaves. :(

I had for visit the dentist for a check up while we visited, so Paul went food shopping while I was being fashionably late for my appointment! I walked up to meet Paul afterwards and saw this sculpture by Tesco carpark.

It's called The Formation of Poetry, and it's something to do with the dude who wrote the first english dictionary, Dr Johnson, who was born in Lichfield. As you can't escape from knowing about if you've ever been here! 

Once that was done, we headed back up north to get the kitties and come home! Maia and Barney didn't miss us one bit, and were not overly impressed at being brought back to the little house!
Steak dinner, Hawaii Five-0 then bed ready for work tomorrow...perfect!

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