Sunday, 13 May 2012

9th May 2012

Back to work today. So my Wednesday felt like a Monday, even though Monday was a bank holiday so technically Monday was on a Tuesday this week...

So I get into work and I'm greeted by a sink full of washing up. Which puts me in an instant bad mood! Once people arrived I was also given grief for not leaving any petty cash for milk. Well as we only started our kitty last month to buy milk etc, and prior to this I PAID FOR IT ALL OUT OF MY OWN POCKET, I figured that they would be able to survive for one day. They bought some. I haven't reimbursed them. Deal with it.

Seriously - do these people have maids at home?! How hard is it to wash a cup or a bowl after using it?! My poor old Whitards mug is getting mistreated by it's new user. Might have to find an excuse for it to come home...

After what seemed like the most eternally long day in the office, I was glad to get home. There was no official Whedonsday today as Chris needed to get his ass to the cinema to FINALLY watch The Avengers for Jacqui (@jacquichan88)'s birthday.

So I got my fix of Don't Tell The Bride, both UK and US versions, then we were stuck for something to watch. Lucky for us, Virgin has box sets available for just these times. And do we thought we'd start something new. We started watching Community. Loads of MY twitter friends told us how good it is and to stick with it. We weren't convinced after 1 ep. After 5 we were! :-) Love this show!
If you haven't seen it. Try it. Give it 4 eps...if you don't like it then...well...give it 4 more! :-)

HOPEFULLY above is the trailer for the season 1 dvd. Which, even though we've seen it, we will probably buy.

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