Saturday, 2 June 2012

21st May 2012

Can go to work with my head held high! Didn't get drunk and disorderly at the christening yesterday! Whoop!

My usual morning routine when I'm not at the gym is pretty dull, but always made more difficult by my darling Maia, who thinks it's food time! Ordinarily both cats have a pile of biscuits so are clearly not starving. Yet every time I move, Maia runs from the bedroom to the kitchen at top speed!

So yeah, work was boring. I spent most of the day thinking about food. Generally very unhealthy food! We were well behaved though and had salad. Go us!

Maia was in a very playful mood this evening so we spent a good while playing fetch on the stairs! I'd throw one toy and she'd come back with another!

Note to self - vacuum the stairs...

Then Barney wanted a piece of the action, but he doesn't fetch. He just runs away with whichever toy you're trying to play with!


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