Saturday, 2 June 2012

24th May 2012

A lovely day in Merseyside. Which is all very well, apart from having to work.

As a special treat, I took my colleague Natalie to the pub with me for a lemonade with @DavvoMacca... *ahem*

Think her lemonade has gone off...

The bar that serves as our office local has some drinks on there which have some...interesting...names...

Why would a company call their energy drink "pussy"? Unless the CEO is a crazy cat lady...

When I got home, I decided to enjoy the sunshine. As no one down my street has a garden, we hang out on the street. My mum calls me a scally for it, but I'm not embarrassed! It's the only way to meet your neighbours! Which was true this evening!

Sat on my doorstep talking to my next-door neighbour. Only downside to this wa Maia jumping over my shoulder, running outside and straight under Paul's car which is parked outside. And stayed there for nearly an hour! She only came back in when a car parked next to Paul's and terrified her so much, she ran into much neighbour's house!

Will have to keep the door closed from now on!

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