Saturday, 2 June 2012

26th May 2012

After a brief early visit from my parents this morning, we went over to Lymm to a bbq at Paul's cousin's house.

Can't believe I didn't take any pictures!

It was a lovely day and they have a lovely house. When I say lovely I mean MASSIVE! One of their living rooms is the side of the entire downstairs of my house! Still, fair play to them. It's really nice!

Bagged myself a gorgeous bridesmaid in Paul's cousin's little girl! She's delightful and very pretty. She will be 6 by our wedding so a lovely 'Aw' moment for everyone!

When we got home, we had a glass of pink fizz which we were forced to bring home, and watched the news then the end of Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Perfect!

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