Sunday, 10 June 2012

29th May 2012

What better way to start your day than forcing yourself to go to the gym first thing. Hard work. Still, it means I can feel smug in the office, knowing I've started the day off right.

Yeah. That went away by lunch time! Nat was back in, leaving the baby with her Mum. Apparently babies don't enjoy chicken pox! Poor thing was screaming down the phone when Nat phoned to check on him. Aw.

Feeling sorry for herself, Nat had a chippy lunch. And force fed me half of it. Literally. Half a chip butty for lunch. Naughty Cagga. It's a very good job I went to the gym this morning isn't it?!

Mmmm. Chip butty. And yes, that is a globule of mayonaise on there. Not my choice. I didn't make it. Ate it though!

When I got home and changed out of my office wear I discovered the back of my shirt had blood on it. No one told me. Seriously, how rude?! I had no idea my back was bleeding and now my shirt is ruined. Great.
Grumpy chops.

I could have been shot or something, and no one said anything. I'm sorry, ruined shirt.

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  1. maybe they thought it was a fashion statement??