Sunday, 10 June 2012

30th May 2012

It's very hard to motivate yourself in work when other people can't be bothered. It leads to silliness.

Tatty's Cousin It impression. Really it's just to protect her identity!

It's also hard to be motivated when you're in pain. What is it about me and paper cuts?! Why does paper want to attack me so much ? Was folding the post and nearly chopped my finger off!


No #Whedonsday tonight as Chris had to suit up and go do formal stuff. So Paul and I were lazy and atrocious sloppy joes while watching Game of Thrones as we were behind. The sloppy joes were not amazing. Very sweet. Need a different recipe I think.

Always makes me laugh when Bronn sings as I am reminded of his former singing career!

You're welcome!

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