Sunday, 10 June 2012

4th June 2012

Bank Holiday Monday! Yay!

I procrastinated a lot this morning. Ironing to do and no desire to do it! But I did. I had to. It wasn't going to do itself!

Paul had cuddles with Barney, which is no new thing, but just looked extra cute!

Ok, so Barney doesn't look particularly happy here. I can assure you that he was, and was just enjoying the scratches behind the ears! Also BELLY DOT!

We then toddled over to Manchester to meet up with Paul's friends for a few drinks and a catch up. Ended up staying there over night as we were just having too much watching the Queen's Jubilee Concert in the pub!

I don't remember taking this picture. I can't even describe it as arty. However that's the table that held our drinks. Which is nice!

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