Tuesday, 8 January 2013

06/01/2013 - The Rave Cleanathon

It's Sunday. Day of rest. Yeah - no. We have a house to clean!

For Christmas, I bought Paulan AMAZING CD - Ministry of Sound Anthems - 90s. The soundtrack to our youth! We raved to this on the way to my parents' house on Christmas Day, and we were rave-cleaning to it today! In fact, we were even dork-ish enough to have our own twitter hashtag! #DinoAndCarries90sRaveCleanathon!

So I sent Paul to the supermarket (then set him to cleaning the kitchen), I set to and decided that the living room needed a bit of spit and polish.

Boy, was I right?! It was icky! To the extent, I didn't just dust around the edges, but took EVERYTHING off shelves and dusted them, took the candles out of the fireplace (we don't have a fire), polished those, cleared out the place itself...didn't get to finish the whole room! It's not even a big room! It didn't help that CITV were playing some of the kids shows that were on telly back in my day. Fun House, anyone?! Knightmare?

Clueless was on after that, AS IF?! Then Ghostbusters 2...needless to say, I got my best work done a lot earlier on in the day!

I snapped a few pics as I was going on with the day...but don't judge me on the filth of my house! I have a valid excuse for these next two!

Doesn't this candle look like the prop from a movie?! Alas, it's from my fireplace!

Just so you can see the filth - the one at the back has been washed. The other two are as found

Basically, there is no fire in my fireplace, as you can see. I put candles there to make it look a bit pretty. I've never lit them. Don't know why - there's no reason why I shouldn't! Anyway, the problem with not having a fire in your fireplace is that there is a big gaping hole that leads up the chimney! So my living room is freezing! AND, the worst bit, the cats like climbing up there. Yes, both cats have been seen climbing into the abyss that is my chimney. My worst fear is that they get stuck and we have no idea how to get them out.

I need to block it up at some stage, but as we aren't going to be in this house for a great number of years now, I feel like that might be a waste, as other people might want to put a fire in!

So when the cats go up the chimney, they have to come back down again. With them they bring reminders that there was once a fire in this house over the 100+ years that it has stood. There is a whole load of soot up there.

I need a chimney sweep!

So at some stage, I think I might shove an old single duvet up there, just to insulate a little, and to stop the kitties from making it their home up there!

Anyone have any other solutions to this?

I couldn't work out the order that the candles go back in... #Fail

I also took pictures of some of the bits and bobs that adorn my fireplace. They are dust traps but what's a house without a few quaint trinkets! I think they speak volumes about me!

My brother and sister-in-law gave me the wooden kitty. I think they got in on their honeymoon in Morocco. The ear-less donkey behind is from my parents' holiday to Spain a couple of years ago, and the odd china kitty in the front is also from my parents', from last year's holiday to Crete. I find it a little scary, but it looks good in that group!

I do love a good tacky present! Just me?

This was a gift from my future Mother-in-Law a few weeks ago. It's a VW Campervan bauble for the Christmas tree! We didn't have a Christmas tree, due to having destructive kitties, but this is a permanent fixture on display at our house now! It's no secret that I love campervans, and we have, in fact, ordered one as our wedding car! This was just meant to be ours!

After leftovers from last night's dinner for dinner, we had a vaguely early night. Busy day in work on the morrow!

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