Friday, 11 January 2013

09/01/2013 - Beanie, Buffy and Bubbles!

Is it Wednesday already?! How can this be?!

I was doing dictation at work today. It's not my job, but as the secretary doesn't work Wednesday's, someone has to do it, right?!

At least I got a free lunch! The Bean Machine was feeling generous! My colleague went and bought his lunch, and came and gave me these goodies!

 Cheese and onion sandwich, spicy meatball and olive pasta, and Feta and Falafel Salad! I ate the meatballs out of the pasta and the whole of the salad. It was DELICIOUS! Set me up for a full afternoon of hard graft!

 Finished work at five on the nose and headed home! No homework for me tonight, as my good friend Chris came round and we had our first #Whedonsday of the year! #Whedonsday is where fans of Joss Whedon's work come together and tweet about it! Want it? Follow @Whedonsday on twitter and join the party!


As I have been spending so much time at work or working at home, I feel like I'm neglecting my kitties. So I decided to get out an old favourite! The catnip bubbles!

Maia is a little bit scared of them but as soon as Barney sees me grabbing the bottle, he sings away at the top of his voice! He talks to the bubbles and swats at them! When they start popping on the tip of his ears he gets a bit narked and hides for a while. 

Once the bubbles have settled on the ground, he is interested  again. Will the bubble pop itself or with Barney unleash the Paw o'Doom and pop it?

Pretty bubbles in the air!

Barney's favourite waiting game! He prefers it even to the piece of fresh ham on the left!

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