Sunday, 13 January 2013

10/01/2013 - Longest. Day. Ever.

It's Thursday morning at silly o'clock! Once again, I hauled myself out of bed, persuaded Paul to get up too, and hot-footed it to the gym for a light (it really wasn't) workout.

6.08am. Running shoes are on! :)

I still managed to get to work by 8.10am, which I think it quite impressive, and cracked on with my day. What a day it was.

Our computer system has been awful ever since Christmas, and our IT guy said he'd come over to the office and have a look at it for us this morning. We took bets on when he'd arrive. BossMan said 11.30am, I said 3pm and Jimbo said "next Tuesday."

None of us were right. He showed up at 5.25pm. Bearing in mind our office closes at 5pm, this was a tad inconvenient. I had stayed late to finish some work off but as he was in working on our systems, I wasn't able to work until he had finished.

I didn't leave the office until 8.38pm. Yes. I was in the office for over 12 hours. Are you impressed? Don't be. I'm fuming about it! I wasn't even finishing off my own work! It was someone elses! I had said I'd get it finished and I'm a gal of my word. I regret saying that now.

Had a quick bite to eat when I got home, then straight to bed as Friday mornings are always an early start for us.

My beautiful Maia decided she wanted a cuddle before I went to sleep. Who am I to refuse a purring kitty?!

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