Sunday, 13 January 2013

11/01/2013 - ah...ah...ATCHOOOOO!

So I think all this work and no play has made Cagga a dull girl. And also full of cold. I feel lousy today!

This is how I started my day:

Cold-relief capsules, tissues and a large brew. Much needed.
I manned-up and made it into work at the usual 8:10am (less than 12 hours after I left the place) to which my new boss asked why I was in so early as I was there so late?! Because it's when I usually get to work?!

I had a crazy busy day, as I always do on a Friday, but my new boss pretty much insisted I left early! When I told him what I had left to do (my dishes, empty bins etc) he did it all for me to get me to leave! I like my new boss! Most definitely not an AssHat! :)

I had to go shopping after work to buy a few bits and bobs, so agreed to meet Paul. Whilst shopping in Primark (anyone who isn't from the UK reading this, Primark is a very classy designer shop we have over here...aherm...) I discovered the below:

 LEATHER STUDDED BUMBAGS. I believe they're called fanny packs in the US. Which makes me giggle!

Are bumbags back?! Can someone advise me on this? They were big over here in the 80s along with shell suits and corkscrew perms...but please say this isn't coming back?!

I had a hot pink bumbag and a purple shellsuit. I was a cool 80s child! I was about 6 so if I wasn't, it was my parent's fault, ok?!

I bought myself a new purse, not a bumbag. It's pretty!

It reminded me of ballet shoes...and was on sale too! I love it!

Early to bed for me after the shopping trip - big day of wedding dress shopping tomorrow! EEKS!

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